Zenoss ZenPack SDK – Digital Transformation Tools That Extend Hybrid IT Monitoring

zenoss digital transformation zenpack sdkAgility, agility, agility, agility. This is the “four on the floor” loud bass drumbeat for digital transformation. Zenoss has launched its ZenPack SDK portal designed to provide IT agility and make it easy for users to extend the functionality of hybrid IT monitoring quickly to any business-critical device, application or services whether they’re on premises, in virtual environments or in the cloud.

APIs and SDKs are not new – but in the age of digital transformation, they are a critical requirement for not only embracing change but successfully achieving this change and winning big in today’s competitive landscape.

Zenoss ZenPacks are extensible plug-ins that use standard APIs and protocols, including SSH, WinRM, and SNMP, to collect configuration information and monitor specific elements, devices or systems without the need for agents.

Gone are the days when IT relied on proprietary per-vendor event monitoring silos. Not long ago, IT was forced to use whatever stack of stuff a solution provider tossed in the mix and were forced to settle for less-than-optimal results and business impacts. Digital transformation demands the use of technologies that tie together whatever disparate technologies your business decides to deploy. Zenoss and the new SDK and APIs are the keys to making this happen for hybrid IT monitoring.

Marcus MacNeill, vice president of product management, at Zenoss, stated in the ZenPack SDK press release, "The extensibility of our platform is a key difference between Zenoss and other solutions. The new ZenPack SDK portal now makes it easier than ever for IT Ops and DevOps teams to customize and extend monitoring and analytics capabilities to cover just about any technology they can imagine.”

The reason for this and why Zenoss is uniquely different? MacNeill summed it up in the release, "ZenPacks have always been one of the most compelling aspects of the Zenoss solution. By enabling every single Zenoss user to create and update ZenPacks, we've created an environment where all Zenoss customers can leverage the benefit of the entire customer community."

The Zenoss open-source architecture, ZenPack SDK and APIs allow any user to easily extend to whatever you need to monitor, in a single view. Monitoring is sometimes viewed as an afterthought and reactively addressed only when something negative happens in your IT environment. The Zenoss ZenPack SDK and API enable you to connect to new devices as part of your DevOps checklist BEFORE they are moved into production, making your digital transformation proactive versus reactive.

Digital technology is evolving rapidly, and as a result, digital transformation is a hot topic in business right now. As with cloud and mobile, digital transformation started with a buzz, seemed to be the new trend, and has quickly become an important strategic shift for businesses to understand and embrace. The ZenPack SDK and APIs elevate your digital transformation and hybrid IT monitoring beyond the buzz by providing real tools that enable IT agility.

Our Zenoss team fields a lot of great questions about digital transformation and how we enable customers to successfully address digital transformation in their businesses.

To learn more about the Zenoss hybrid IT monitoring platform, ZenPacks, the ZenPack SDK, or the ZenPackLib 2.0 utility, visit us online at www.zenoss.com and check out the new ZenPack SDK.

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