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The State of Machine Learning in 2019

The State of Machine Learning in 2019

Zenoss helps customers maximize value from Google Cloud infrastructure by extending software-defined IT operations to Google Cloud deployments.

Zenoss has joined the Google Cloud partner program to expand Zenoss capabilities for IT operations management (ITOM) to enterprise hybrid cloud environments that leverage Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

With this partnership, Zenoss brings value to clients by integrating the monitoring of hybrid cloud environments leveraging GCP with any IT infrastructure an organization may support — adding to robust multicloud capabilities Zenoss already supports with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Zenoss-GCP Integration

The Zenoss-GCP integration enables enterprises to monitor the health, status and performance of GCP's compute instances and Kubernetes clusters. Zenoss maps out the relationships between critical components of GCP projects so customers can instantaneously pinpoint issues when they occur and provide insight into additional affected components and services.

The Zenoss-GCP integration ensures customers stay ahead of problems before they occur through the following key performance indicators:

  • CPU utilization
  • Disk throughput, throttled disk throughput, and input/output operations per second
  • Network and firewall throughput and total network and firewall packet rate
  • Container CPU, disk and memory usage

Migrating to the Cloud

Zenoss enables uninterrupted operations before, during and after a migration to any cloud, including those hosted in GCP. Using specialized monitoring in cloud migrations, Zenoss helps identify system interdependencies and redundant equipment to eliminate the cost of transitioning unnecessary systems. As resources are migrated to the cloud, Zenoss maintains visibility, data collection and dependency mapping so that performance and availability is continuously tracked. This eliminates IT blind spots and prevents outages tied to any cloud migration.

NOTE: Zenoss is deployed on GCP, which is fully FedRAMP certified. For more information on GCP FedRAMP, visit GCP is also SOC 2 compliant. To learn more about this, visit


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