Proactive IT Monitoring & Service Impact Analysis

Zenoss eliminates cycles spent on gathering details on device configuration and delays associated with manual notification of service degradation or outages.

Zenoss Integration With CMDB Tools

  • Improve CMDB accuracy by supplementing it with real-time information and newly discovered IT resources
  • Configure integration to automatically detect both new and modified entities in the CMDB to monitor
  • Track configuration items (CIs) and their lower-level components in real time as they are changing — often many times per minute or even per second

Accurate, Actionable Data for Resolution

  • Leverage CMDB to automatically identify both new and modified resources
  • Improve accuracy by extending the database with real-time information and newly discovered IT resources
  • Integrate with stand-alone CMDB tools to ensure that IT Ops and IT service management (ITSM) teams can work together efficiently and effectively during service disruptions
  • Up-to-date, accurate and actionable information available at all times enables ITSM teams to quickly initiate the resolution process and minimize disruptions

Intelligent & Automated Workflows

  • Seamlessly integrate with industry-leading tools such as ServiceNow, BMC, CA Technologies and HP
  • Quickly respond to business demands and reduce friction through monitoring speed and agility
  • Realize fast time to value when adopting new technologies in support of strategic initiatives
  • Automate alerting and remediation through integration with other systems in your IT environment, including service desk, provisioning and orchestration systems
  • Get improved real-time visibility into when a deployed configuration deviates from the architected design, ensuring IT Ops is always in the know

Unified Monitoring & Service Impact

Maintaining configuration and relationship data in enterprises with stand-alone CMDBs requires dedicated resources manually updating CIs and dependencies whenever changes occur. The Zenoss CMDB integration enables you to leverage or autopopulate CMDB contents, benefiting both Zenoss operations and other CMDB-integrated applications and workflows.


Featured CMDB Integrations


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CA Technologies

Integrate With CA Technologies

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