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Integrate Monitoring With IT Automation Software

Deploy new applications with automated monitoring and full impact analysis.

Automate Manual Tasks With Ease

  • Automate tasks such as discovery, ticket creation, and performance or system failure response actions with seamless integrations into ITSM platforms like ServiceNow.
  • Integrate with complex configuration management systems like Chef, Puppet, SaltStack and more.
  • Automate complex and routine tasks alike, simplifying management and deployment of templates for rapid application provisioning.
  • Integrate with a provisioning, orchestration and automation solution to monitor updates to key services as they are released, aligning the two workflows without disrupting the mismatch in cadences among internal teams.

Improve Agility With an End-to-End IT Automation Tool

  • Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR).
  • Deploy new applications in minutes, including integration into configuration management databases (CMDBs) and service management tools.
  • Extend current capabilities of application provisioning to provide application awareness in the infrastructure.

Streamline IT Processes With Intelligent Automation

  • Enable enterprise IT to automate and streamline cross-team processes.
  • Increase productivity and eliminate issues caused by human error.
  • Integrate with provisioning and orchestration tools to quickly discover the source of recurring problems.
  • Get automatic notifications with detailed analysis when problems are identified.


Improve Agility, Meet Deadlines & Eliminate Shadow IT

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The Benefits of IT Workflow Automation Integrations

Zenoss integrates with ITOM systems like incident management, CMDB and orchestration/provisioning tools, enabling IT operations teams to maximize the value of their entire ecosystems. These well-connected, automated ecosystems minimize MTTR, accelerate root-cause analysis, and ensure optimal performance for all cloud and on-prem infrastructure.

With an IT automation platform like Zenoss, you can:

  • Leverage workflow automation for 70% of your ITOM processes.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other ITOM tools to support operations teams.
  • Streamline complex and repetitive tasks to improve operational efficiency.
  • Eliminate human error and manual process inefficiencies with task automation.
  • Scale and expedite application deployment.
  • Detect, locate and resolve performance issues across your infrastructure.

In addition, Zenoss' automated workflow solution provides instant notifications with detailed analysis whenever a problem is identified. This enables IT and operations teams to isolate and resolve issues as they arise, improving performance and minimizing downtime.

Zenoss for IT Automation

"The big benefit for Harness in Zenoss is the level of automation. In today's world, instead of managing tens of things, you're managing thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of devices. The human can't physically keep up and analyze all of those data sets — you need to automate."

-Steve Burton, Harness

Why Use an IT Process Automation Tool?

As the digital transformation continues, the scale and complexity of modern IT environments have grown to an extent that they’re no longer manageable by human beings with a traditional IT tool set. These environments require a modernized workload automation toolchain that can reliably perform and streamline capabilities such as discovery, root-cause analysis and remediation.

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have significantly improved the potential and precision of IT process automation. With this enhanced functionality, AI/ML tools can dramatically improve efficiency, eliminate human error, and enable high-value staff to focus on tasks that require human brains.

These same advancements have also mitigated the risk previously associated with automation at large scale, which was the primary inhibitor to adoption for many organizations.

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