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Monitor essential application and software layers in your hybrid IT infrastructure.

What is Application Monitoring?

There is a category of tools that are identified as application performance monitoring (APM) tools. (The original acronym stood for application performance management but that evolved.) Advanced APM tools were originally created for developers to get insights into Java virtual machines (JVMs). These tools are typically understood to be those with an in depth set of capabilities in each of these three areas: front-end monitoring, application discovery, tracing and diagnostics (ADTD), and analytics.

It's common for modern businesses to rely on 2,000+ custom-developed applications, and it requires substantial cost, time and effort to ensure 24/7 optimal performance of those applications. But industry analysts estimate that most organizations only deploy APM solutions for 5-15% of their applications due to the cost and complexity of those solutions.

The more general term "application health monitoring" applies to technologies that offer a subset of these capabilities in some or all of these three categories. The simpler, more streamlined application monitoring tools offer more basic capabilities focused on application health (vs. performance) but are far less expensive and easier to implement for a broader set of applications.

Zenoss Application Health Monitoring

Zenoss offers low-cost, low-friction application health monitoring for the other 85-95% of your applications. The Zenoss platform delivers the most comprehensive cloud and infrastructure monitoring. Through agents and ingestion of streaming data, it also provides application health monitoring that includes:

Monitoring for Collaboration and Unified Communications Tools

  • Monitor health and performance Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams and more
  • Unified communications monitoring with out-of-the-box configurations for all major vendors and technologies
  • Optimize performance and troubleshoot issues across all platforms from a single unified view

Actionable Intelligence for Log, NetFlow & Machine Data

  • Log analytics, unified communications monitoring and NetFlow analysis from a single unified, scalable platform
  • Log analytics with no data collection caps or scale limitations
  • NetFlow analysis with a flexible deployment architecture that can scale beyond hundreds of thousands of flows per second

Database Monitoring Uniquely Tuned to the Features of Each Platform

  • Monitor Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase, IBM DB/2, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL and more
  • Track performance metrics for database instances, tables and disk space
  • Collect events, map service impact relationships between components, and report on database activity

Performance & Availability Visualization of Diverse Operating Systems

  • Monitor Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Unix-based systems such as Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX and more
  • Get clear visibility into the health, performance and utilization of critical system-level resources
  • Gain insight into file systems, network interfaces, CPU and memory utilization, operating system information, and installed software

Full-Stack Insights for Application Servers

  • Monitor Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, Apache ZooKeeper, IBM WebSphere, JBoss Application Server, Oracle WebLogic Server and more
  • Extend monitoring to Microsoft Active Directory, Internet Information Server, Exchange Server and more
  • Track performance metrics for requests per second, throughput, CPU utilization, cache hits and more

Zenoss Cloud Product Overview:
Intelligent Application & Service Monitoring

Zenoss Cloud Product Overview: Intelligent Application and Service Monitoring


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"Bring in data from APM tools, infrastructure monitoring, log management, and all of your monitoring platforms into one centralized place where you can run machine learning to get intelligence about your systems."

-Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst, 451 Research


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