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Bridge the Gap Between DevOps & IT Ops

Bring DevOps and IT Ops together with end-to-end dependency mapping that delivers a common view of the entire environment.

DevOps Monitoring Tools & DevOps ManagementImprove IT Agility

  • Eliminate the overhead of managing a glut of low-value, ineffective tools. 
  • Enable staff to automate 70 percent of IT operations management (ITOM) functions to eliminate manual tasks performed by expensive IT resources. 
  • Patented, service-based dependency mapping to connect external quality of service (QoS) and application performance monitoring (APM) data sources with infrastructure monitoring data. 
  • Accelerate the speed at which companies can identify and resolve potential issues.

DevOps Monitoring Tools & DevOps ManagementDeploy Applications Faster

  • Automate precise service and application monitoring based on the service configuration requirements. 
  • Meet common goals for operational velocity and service-level agreement (SLA) between DevOps and IT Ops. 
  • For IT services that require web servers, application servers, database servers and more, new application deployments are production-ready as soon as they're operating — whether the application is being deployed the first time or hundreds of times every hour. 
  • Enable consistent application delivery required for modern businesses. 

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aligning it ops & devops

Improve Agility, Meet Deadlines & Eliminate Shadow IT

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zenoss aligns devops & IT ops

With a common view of overall service status, dependencies & risk.

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DevOps Monitoring Tools & DevOps ManagementIncrease End-to-End Visibilty

  • View the performance of your current services from the application level down through the entire stack — network, storage, compute and more. 
  • Present information down to the component level, providing the ultimate granularity on resource availability, conextual risk, and the end-to-end IT service dependencies that your infrastructure stack supports. 

Enabling IT to Move at the Speed of Business

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