Monitor Kubernetes + Docker Containers, Microservices & More

Seamlessly discover and monitor containers and microservices in real time along with your traditional IT infrastructure.

Automated Discovery

Ephemeral technologies like containers and microservices dramatically increase the complexity of managing, visualizing and mapping dependencies between components in your IT infrastructure.

Zenoss container monitoring:

  • Simplifies and automates agent-based discovery
  • Builds real-time IT service models to keep up with the dynamic nature of containers
  • Provides complete visibility into all components and service dependencies
  • Shows real-time container relationships with all underlying infrastructure

Ad Hoc Monitoring

Organizations moving from deploying static applications to containers and microservices in a distributed IT environment often lack the tools to monitor their performance.

With agentless and agent-based data collection, Zenoss deep monitoring:

  • Provides actionable metrics that enable you to minimize overhead
  • Gathers custom metrics using collectd and statsd agents
  • Provides insights into poorly performing microservices to understand implications on applications

Identify Impacted Services & Root Cause

Microservices are dynamic and can scale horizontally in an instant, which poses monitoring challenges when the locations of containers are constantly changing.

Using Zenoss to monitor your entire container infrastructure:

  • Provides hassle-free monitoring by collecting application metrics and mapping service dependencies
  • Allows you to quickly see what services and resources are impacted
  • Allows you to perform root-cause analysis to diagnose and help resolve issues before they impact business

Kubernetes Fully Exposed

Overcome the Challenges Posed by Containerized Microservices in Dynamic Environments



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