Real-Time Visibility Into Containerized Application Environments

Zenoss enables seamless, automatic discovery and monitoring of container technologies and the underlying resources across dynamic IT environments. With real-time visibility into microservices and containerized application performance metrics, along with traditional IT services and infrastructure health, you get a complete monitoring solution to ensure operations run smoothly.

For Kubernetes, Docker and more, Zenoss has everything you need to capture all container image types and support your deployments — all from one cloud platform.

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Complete Container Monitoring

Visibility is essential in containerized environments, providing valuable insights to maintain application performance and health. Without effective container and infrastructure monitoring for root-cause analysis, problems can quickly spread throughout your architecture.

Zenoss allows you to automatically collect metrics, logs and other observability data to detect and resolve performance issues as they occur. Get detailed insights into:

  • Container hosts and servers.
  • Container runtime.
  • Applications in running containers.
  • Container orchestration.
  • And much more.

As you scale your digital environments, this comprehensive visibility is only possible through a containerized application monitoring solution like Zenoss. With actionable insights and advanced automation capabilities, Zenoss helps teams save time and resources to focus on greater innovation.

Docker Container Monitoring

Docker has become a pervasive tool and container runtime, allowing you to package containerized applications. As applications grow to span multiple servers, Docker Swarm manages these containers across different hosts. Zenoss comes with built-in Docker container monitoring features and integrations to automate discovery and ensure visibility across the entire Docker environment.

  • Discovery and remodeling of Docker containers.
  • Status and performance monitoring of Docker containers.
  • Service impact and root-cause analysis.

Kubernetes Monitoring

When it comes to orchestrating a large group of applications and connected microservices like databases and external dependencies, Kubernetes is a popular choice for many IT professionals. Zenoss seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes environments, enabling automatic monitoring for every cluster, application and individual container.

Stay ahead of problems in your Kubernetes environments with features like:

  • Overall Kubernetes cluster monitoring.
  • Health monitoring for nodes, services and pods.
  • Kubernetes cluster, node, pod and container graphs.
  • Service impact and root-cause analysis.
  • Event management with unified visibility.

With the Zenoss Kubernetes ZenPack, you get hassle-free monitoring and real-time visibility into services and resources to diagnose and resolve issues before they impact your operations.



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Microservices Monitoring

Without a transparent view of the microservices architecture and its health, IT teams are left with a glaring blind spot that can lead to unexpected downtime when issues arise. Zenoss offers an innovative microservices monitoring tool to ensure these critical functions remain healthy while delivering optimal performance and results.

By tracking health metrics for microservices, Zenoss provides you with a crucial early warning system for application performance issues. This enables you to:

  • Collect, analyze and understand application health metrics.
  • Gain insights into the performance of individual microservices for each application.
  • Identify, isolate and remediate performance issues as they occur.

The Zenoss microservices monitoring solution provides comprehensive visibility across your entire architecture. With this detailed, actionable data, development and operations teams can make better decisions to support your applications and infrastructure.

Automated Discovery of Ephemeral Devices

Ephemeral technologies like containers and microservices dramatically increase the complexity of managing, visualizing and mapping dependencies between components in your IT infrastructure. Zenoss offers both microservices and container monitoring tools on a single cloud platform, enabling seamless discovery across your entire digital environment.

With Zenoss, you get comprehensive monitoring to:

  • Simplify and automate the agent-based discovery of containers and microservices.
  • Build real-time IT service models to keep up with the dynamic nature of containers and microservices.
  • Visualize all components and service dependencies of containerized applications and infrastructure.
  • Show real-time container relationships and runtime along with all the underlying infrastructure supporting them.

With agentless and agent-based collection, Zenoss deep monitoring:

  • Provides actionable intelligence on metrics that enable you to minimize overhead.
  • Gathers custom performance metrics using open source agents or code insertion.
  • Provides insights into poorly performing ephemeral systems to understand implications on applications.

Service Issue and Root Cause Identification

Microservices are dynamic and can scale horizontally in an instant, which poses significant monitoring challenges. Dynamic container infrastructure monitoring from Zenoss provides a complete view of your entire infrastructure, enabling easy and immediate identification and root-cause analysis for any issues that arise.

With comprehensive container infrastructure monitoring from Zenoss, you can:

  • Monitor your environments hassle-free with the automatic collection of application metrics and mapping of service dependencies.
  • Quickly view and identify impacted services and resources whenever there's an issue.
  • Perform root-cause analysis to diagnose and help resolve issues before they impact business operations.

Proactively Identify Container Performance Issues

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