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A Modern SaaS Platform for Software-Defined IT Operations

Zenoss software is available directly from us or through our solution partners and system integrators.




For smaller, simpler environments
(Limited data | Basic support)

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For larger, dynamic environments
(Large-scale data | Premium support)

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Public cloud monitoring
Google CloudAmazon Web Services (AWS)Azure
Google CloudAmazon Web Services (AWS)Azure
Extensibility & enterprise ZenPacks  
What We Monitor  
Smart View  
AI-guided anomaly detection & capacity planning  
Root-cause isolation with Service Impact  
Data points per day40K/resource included
20K increments available
120K/resource included
20K increments available
Data retention3 months included
More available
15 months included
More available
Integrations with ITOM solutions  
Support Features  
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Access platform extensions at no additional cost

When you purchase Zenoss software, you gain access to our full range of commercial, open-source and community extensions, known as ZenPacks — giving you the ability to monitor specific device types and extend the capabilities of the monitoring platform itself.

Size and scale your solution without added complexity

Zenoss' simple pricing structure is based on the number of devices that need to be monitored, without any base software cost or charges based on users, device components or physical footprint. Each IT asset simply counts as one device — making it easy to calculate and scale the solution as needs grow.

Managed Resource (MR): Any monitored physical or virtual device. Examples of MRs include servers, routers, virtual machines and hosts, operating systems, cloud compute instances, and databases.

Data Point: An event or a unique instance of a metric collected during a polling cycle or received from an ad hoc data source such as a container. For example, Zenoss typically receives multiple metrics from a device during each polling cycle — each is one data point.

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