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of IT executives cited  converged infrastructure and hyperconverged infrastructure as the technologies with the most promise for the future of data center initiatives and storage strategies

Source: Futurum Research: Digital Transformation - 9 Key Insights


What is Converged Infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure is a bundling of compute, storage and networking systems. It is not an actual technology, but rather a packaging of traditional technologies that offers customers a turnkey, or "right-sized," data center solution.

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What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is a software-defined technology that clusters standard server hardware to pool compute, storage and networking resources. A key promise of HCI is that any number of additional systems can be added to a cluster to extend the pools of these shared resources. Additional hardware can be added for scale, and software abstracts that from the applications running in the HCI environment.


Modern Monitoring for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Environments

  • Unified monitoring for hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) deployments like those offered by Nutanix, converged infrastructure, and traditional data center resources
  • Relationship mapping between operating system workloads and virtual machines, virtualized hosts and service profiles, and data stores and LUN-based storage
  • Real-time IT service modeling for dynamic, elastically scaling HCI stacks
  • Service dependency tracking between components and underlying dynamic infrastructure
  • Incident root-cause analysis and predictive service impact analytics

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