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Integrate Monitoring & Incident Management

Eliminate costly downtime with Zenoss incident management integrations.

Native Integration With Incident Management Tools

For most IT Ops and IT service management teams (ITSM), avoiding service disruptions is not easy. Teams struggle to communicate effectively or to identify the root cause of an issue due to the large number of monitoring tools in use and the existence of monitoring silos in most IT environments.

Integrating Zenoss with incident management solutions like ServiceNow, BMC Remedy and Atlassian enables service desk professionals to use Zenoss events as triggers to automatically create, update and close incident tickets. The API-based integration reduces alert noise and allows IT Ops and ITSM teams to focus on up-to-date, accurate and actionable information, available at all times, to initiate the resolution process quickly and minimize the negative impact of the disruption on the business.


of IT help desk tickets are not actionable

Source: 0x11 Key Insights Shaping IT Operations in 2018

Align IT Ops & ITSM

  • Get a shared resource for IT teams to work together efficiently during service disruptions
  • Align IT Ops and IT service management (ITSM) teams to seamlessly share relevant information on issues
  • Improve resource coordination between IT teams to cut down on human error

Zenoss  Zenoss + ServiceNow  ServiceNow

Actionable Insight & Increased Automation

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Minimize MTTR With Zenoss

  • Improve mean time to resolution (MTTR) by updating events as they flow through your incident management system
  • Proactively identify incidents, troubleshoot and resolve issues by gathering relevant information on events before service disruptions occur
  • Bidirectional, consistent information flow with key ticketing systems


said adding IT staff to address IT incident management is not an effective strategy

Source: 0x11 Key Insights Shaping IT Operations in 2018

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Eliminate the need to manually create tickets for certain disruptive events
  • Automatically generate tickets when anomalies are detected to reduce the need for manual input
  • Reduce downtime associated with user-initiated notification of events and improve staff productivity and automation across IT Ops

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