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Add rich context to log data for actionable IT service insights.

Harness Your Data

Zenoss offers capabilities to intelligently utilize all of your machine-generated log and flow data, providing even greater detail to your monitoring practice and ensuring your infrastructure is performing at optimum levels with unlimited scale. At the heart of Zenoss, you’ll find a powerful log analytics engine built to digest large amounts of machine data and intelligently extract relevant information at scale.

Real-Time Data Correlation

  • Correlate disparate data types at the time of collection to provide real-time feedback, events and alerts
  • Normalize disparate data source files into a single uniform format
  • Transform enormous amounts of data into actionable information that allows you to detect anomalies, identify faults, visualize trends, and keep your infrastructure performing at its peak

Intelligent Visualization

Zenoss provides a complete picture of overall application and system performance in a way not possible from single data point analysis. All data extractions automatically create a report template that provides clear and customizable visualizations of the information. Zenoss also provides predefined dashboards and policies for leading infrastructure manufacturers such as Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, Dell, HP and Sonus. These individual reports provide holistic insight into any business service or practice area.

Zenoss Integrations for Log Analytics

  • Integrate with Splunk, LayerX and many other vendors to help enterprises to go beyond traditional machine data analysis with deep log analytics
  • Collect and index all types of data, including syslog, proprietary logs, flow, RTCP, SDN data, CMR/CDR, SQL queries, SNMP and more
  • Consume data from any source, index any data format, search across all infrastructure, correlate logs in real time, and deploy in-depth reporting functionalities

Log Analytics With Zenoss Insight

Collect. Analyze. Respond. Visualize.


Zenoss Cloud Product Overview:
Intelligent Application & Service Monitoring

Zenoss Cloud Product Overview: Intelligent Application and Service Monitoring


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