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Zenoss Launches ZenPack SDK to Extend Hybrid IT Monitoring Reach

New Portal and Tools Make It Even Easier to Extend and Integrate Zenoss Platform

AUSTIN, Texas - Feb. 7, 2017 - Zenoss Inc., the leader in hybrid IT monitoring and analytics software, today announced the launch of its ZenPack SDK, a new portal that enables anyone to create ZenPacks, or plug-ins, that extend the capabilities of the Zenoss platform. ZenPacks can be created to extend functionality in monitoring servers, networking systems, storage systems, virtual environments, containers, converged infrastructure, applications and more.

"The extensibility of our platform is a key difference between Zenoss and other solutions," said Marcus MacNeill, vice president of product management at Zenoss. "The new ZenPack SDK portal now makes it easier than ever for IT Ops and DevOps teams to customize and extend monitoring and analytics capabilities to cover just about any technology they can imagine."

The Zenoss IT monitoring and analytics platform was architected with extensibility as a key tenet, to meet unique requirements for the largest enterprise and service provider deployments. ZenPacks represent one pillar of this extensibility and enable Zenoss customers to extend their capabilities to monitor new types of systems and applications and to add advanced monitoring functionality for systems and applications that are already covered.

There are over 500 ZenPacks available, which cover everything from physical systems to containers to cloud deployments to applications. ZenPacks use standard APIs and protocols, including SNMP, WMI and SSH, and allow customers to collect configuration information and monitor specific elements, devices or systems without agents. ZenPacks can be created from any of these five sources:

  • Zenoss developers
  • Zenoss customers
  • Zenoss community
  • Paid professional services
  • Third-party service partners

When custom needs arise for which a ZenPack does not already exist, the new ZenPack SDK portal makes it easy to create a new one, with a streamlined user experience that simplifies the ZenPack creation process. Building ZenPacks with the SDK greatly reduces the amount of code and time required to build a ZenPack, ensures backward compatibility with previously created ZenPacks, and promotes best practices that ensure consistency across all ZenPack development.

"ZenPacks have always been one of the most compelling aspects of the Zenoss solution," MacNeill said. "By enabling every single Zenoss user to create and update ZenPacks, we've created an environment where all Zenoss customers can leverage the benefit of the entire customer community."

To learn more about the Zenoss hybrid IT monitoring platform, ZenPacks, or the ZenPack SDK, visit us online at www.zenoss.com.

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