it event management & correlation

Reduce Event Noise Across All IT Resources

Zenoss provides a single source of information for system events, fault notifications and status changes across your entire IT infrastructure.

Unified Visibility Into All Events

  • A single source of information for system events, fault notifications and status changes across your entire IT infrastructure
  • Reduce event noise across IT resources — compute, network, storage, converged infrastructure, virtualized and cloud
  • Broad event collection support across servers, networking devices, environmental monitors, applications, databases and virtualization/cloud management systems

Reduce Complexity With Intelligent Correlation

  • Deduplicates events that clog up your event management console by using event classes and "fingerprints" to match identical events
  • Automatic network topology-based event suppression for layer 3 networking prevents event floods from devices downstream of a failed connection
  • Assignment of new events to event classes for policy-based handling mapped to a common schema

Root-Cause Analysis

  • Customizable, extensible methods to enrich events with diagnostic information for aggregated meaning, additional filtering or extended context
  • Searchable events allow you to quickly narrow your view to focus on a specific area of concern, such as a specific resource or specific text in an event summary
  • Acknowledge and close events or integrate with incident management systems to clear them automatically

Event Aggregation for Scalable IT

  • Store all events, including closed events, in a database so they are available for later review
  • Forward events stored in the database to other IT systems in your environment as needed
  • Move less important events from the real-time interface to a historical database or drop less important events as appropriate

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I can't overstate the advantage and necessity of having our critical events and data in one place. We worked hard to get people to understand the value of Zenoss' proactive monitoring strategy — and as a result, we've seen significant efficiency gains, fewer mistakes, and more satisfied customers.

Doug Syer

VP of Technology, NWN Corporation

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