Network Performance Monitoring Tools

 Integrate & Incorporate Your NPM Data Into the Big Picture

Add rich context to NPM data to deliver actionable end-to-end insights.

Avoid Blind Spots

  • Get a unified view of all network activity and manage the health of all network devices from a single console.
  • Quickly respond to events at the edge, ensuring optimal reliability and performance of devices at risk. Zenoss also eliminates event noise and accelerates isolation and root-cause identification.
  • Correlate networking events in context with other devices in the IT infrastructure and report on networking activity via the Zenoss console. 

Faster Problem Identification

  • Real-time modeling allows you to easily identify the root cause of intermittent issues by combining infrastructure and network data from NPM tools.
  • Troubleshoot issues by automatically monitoring events and identify whether  network performance is affecting applications.
  • Proactively mitigate issues by setting up thresholds and provide immediate alerts if potential network issues arise.

Optimize Performance

  • Effectively manage heavy application loads put on the network infrastructure by business users and customers. 
  • Optimize performance by tracking dynamic resources including virtual firewalls or virtual load balancers alongside traditional devices.
  • Zenoss integration provides contextual insights by tracking interdependencies, delivering complete understanding of all your infrastructure components.

Reduce Event Noise

  • Consolidate network events from multiple devices and locations through a unified console.
  • Deduplicate streams of identical events from same components into single event.
  • Zenoss provides automatic network topology-based event suppression for layer 3 networking to prevent event floods from devices downstream.


Featured Network Performance Monitoring Integrations

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Brocade Network Performance Monitoring Tools
Integrate With Brocade

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