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Application-Centric Network Monitoring & Analytics

In modern IT environments, networking systems represent only one layer of the complex set of infrastructure elements that support business applications. The traditional approach of separately monitoring silos of device types, like networking systems, simply doesn't work anymore. Zenoss enables you to monitor all of your physical and virtual networks as one part of a real-time model that includes all of your cloud and on-premises infrastructure — the only way to ensure peak application performance in modern IT environments.

Zenoss Cloud Product Overview:

Intelligent Application and Service Monitoring


Zenoss Cloud Product Overview: Intelligent Application and Service Monitoring

Combine Insights From Log, Unified Communications & NetFlow Analysis

Whether you work with syslog, network flow, proprietary log files, or any other text-based format, Zenoss ingests, extracts, indexes and correlates your data under a single cohesive architecture to provide actionable intelligence. LEARN MORE

Deliver Application-Centric Monitoring

Collect metrics, events, logs, streaming data and model data from all cloud and on-premises systems to understand the current state of each business application and the infrastructure on which it relies. LEARN MORE

Proactively Mitigate Network Outages

Gain visibility across all networks and systems to immediately alert, isolate and resolve issues before they affect IT service delivery. LEARN MORE

Extend Service Assurance to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Use a single fault and performance management platform to cover both NFV infrastructure and virtual network function (VNF) layers communicating with all (multivendor) compute, storage and hypervisor functions. LEARN MORE

Monitor Your Multivendor Network Environment From a Single Pane of Glass

Unify the monitoring of all of your physical and virtual systems to streamline IT operations, reduce costs and build the foundation for delivering true IT service reliability. LEARN MORE


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Our Network Monitoring Capabilities

Zenoss Cloud is the first intelligent IT operations management platform that streams and normalizes all machine data, uniquely enabling the emergence of context to prevent service disruptions in complex, modern IT environments.

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