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Improve Service Delivery With Predictive Insights

Understand resource utilization of the entire stack, ensure responsive systems and applications, and eliminate unnecessary costs and complexity.

Capacity Management for Modern IT Environments

Optimizing utilization of your IT infrastructure enables better use of IT resources, reduces overall IT costs, and makes IT a strategic asset for your business. For physical, virtual and cloud environments, Zenoss predicts the utilization rate based on historical trends, which allows you to effectively identify and manage future capacity requirements. You can make just-in-time capacity management part of your routine, and eliminate unwanted surprises.

Forecast Usage With Predictive Thresholds

Zenoss' consumption trendline modeling and time-based predictive thresholds enable IT to forecast when the capacity of a resource is likely to be exhausted and get alerts days or weeks in advance of when that threshold is expected to be reached. This allows IT Ops to be more proactive when planning the re-provisioning of resources or adding new capacity to their infrastructure.


Proactively Engage in Corrective Actions

Zenoss allows you to configure the system based on the amount of historical data that is used to calculate the trend and the amount of time an event is raised in advance. Events are automatically created when the actual utilization crosses the threshold. From a capacity planning perspective, an event can be generated hours, days, or weeks before threshold is reached.


Eliminate Complexity and Overhead

Zenoss eliminates the complexity and overhead of disparate monitoring tools for different systems, providing in-depth multivendor monitoring that allows you to maximize resource utilization. Zenoss increases overall visibility and enables you to map utilization over time. This can drive immense cost savings in large enterprise and service provider environments.


Enabling IT to Move at the Speed of Business

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