Converged Infrastructure with Unified Monitoring

Zenoss has a strategic partnership with Cisco. Zenoss is also a member of the Cisco Developer Network and works closely with Cisco technology groups to provide integrated cloud and managed service assurance for service providers and large enterprise customers.

Our Converged Infrastructure Capabilities

  • Unify monitoring of converged infrastructure and traditional datacenter resources.
  • Give IT ops teams a single, service-centric unified view into performance.
  • Visualize workload relationships.
  • Track service dependencies between components and underlying dynamic infrastructure.
  • Identify incident root cause and service impact.

Cisco ZenPacks

Zenoss provides the following ZenPacks for monitoring Cisco devices:

  • Cisco Devices ZenPack - Monitors faults and performance of a wide range of Cisco equipment, including virtual resources such as virtual firewalls and virtual load balancers.
  • Cisco UCS ZenPack - Provides monitoring support for Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS), including full domains and standalone C-series and E-series servers.
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager ZenPack – Provides monitoring support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and other Cisco Unified Communications applications.

Cisco UCS Performance Manager

Cisco recently partnered with Zenoss to create UCS Performance Manager (UCSPM), which is focused on helping UCS administrators maximize capacity and performance for UCS infrastructure. The Express Edition provides detailed insight into the UCS fabric – both physical components such as fabric interconnects, chassis, and IO modules, as well as logical components like port channels, service profiles, vNICs and vHBAs. The full edition extends capacity and performance reach to the components of Cisco UCS integrated infrastructures like VCE Vblock, NetApp FlexPod, and EMC VSPEX. The full edition also provides limited VM and OS support and enables customers to create application groups to help identify where integrated infrastructure issues may be affecting application performance.

Cisco UCSPM is available exclusively through Cisco and the Cisco channel worldwide. For more information, see the Cisco UCS Performance Manager information available on the Cisco website.

Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance

Zenoss has been chosen by Cisco as the exclusive service assurance solution provider for the Cisco virtual multiservice data center. Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance, developed by Zenoss for Cisco, is an advanced software solution for Cisco Data Center Cloud integrated infrastructure deployments. It enables reliable service delivery in a Cisco virtual multiservice data center, NetApp FlexPod, VCE Vblock, or Cisco Unified Data Center deployment. It also provides an essential platform for resource monitoring, relationship modeling, adaptive dependency discovery, and continuous delivery of quantitative service impact and root cause analysis.

Cisco and Zenoss have jointly validated the Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance product, extending and customizing it to work with the VMDC architecture and Cisco Unified Data Center.

Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance is available through Cisco and the Cisco channel worldwide. For more information about Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance interoperability with the Cisco Virtualized Multiservice Datacenter Virtual Service Architecture Version 1.0, see the Zenoss Cloud Service Assurance Solution Description, available in the Cisco Developer Network Marketplace Solutions Catalog.

Learn more about how Zenoss provides Cisco Data Center Cloud Service Assurance.