Why Cisco UCS PM Users Switch to Zenoss Cloud

On July 16, 1969, the Apollo 11 space flight launched toward the moon carrying a crew of three.  Several days later, on July 20, 1969, the United States successfully landed two humans on the moon. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin later relaunched from the moon’s surface to join Michael Collins and return to Earth, splashing down in the Pacific Ocean on July 24, 1969.  

Fifty years later, and without the help of Saturn V rockets, I’m excited to announce the relaunch of the Cisco UCS Performance Manager Unlock & Extend Program. Both Cisco and Zenoss remain committed to providing the very best UCS PM replacement.

Much like the Apollo space missions benefited from the learnings of prior Mercury and Gemini missions, Zenoss and Cisco have learned a tremendous amount over the past year since the Cisco UCS PM end-of-life announcement was made and the Unlock & Extend Program was created, which helps customers transition from the formerly available Cisco UCS PM product to the more robust and feature-packed replacement, Zenoss Cloud.

Why Cisco UCS PM Users Switch to Zenoss Cloud

When I speak with enterprises and their partners about converting from UCS PM to Zenoss Cloud, three things seem to consistently resonate: 

  1. Supported product with rich future product road map. UCS PM users have depended on UCS PM for years. Many want to expand its use and continue to enjoy the protection of world-class support all while knowing there’s investment protection for the future. Transitioning from UCS PM to Zenoss Cloud ensures technical support stays on and that future-proofing is in place through Zenoss Cloud’s strong, forward-looking road map coupled with its continued ability to elegantly monitor more traditional infrastructure, including Cisco UCS, across the data center.  
  2. Expand and keep up with the demands of growing infrastructure diversity. The reality of nearly every enterprise is that, through both organic and acquisitive growth, a single unified view into service and performance health across a truly hybrid IT infrastructure is elusive and only continues to fall further out of reach. While Zenoss Cloud certainly can monitor Cisco UCS with ease, it also builds and maintains a live real-time model of an entire hybrid IT infrastructure, spanning all logical relationships and dependencies, across the physical, virtual and multicloud environments that represent the infrastructure of today alongside the emerging serverless, container, ad hoc data streaming, comprehensive agent and agentless data collection technology of tomorrow — all at scale and in a single unified view.
  3. Level up your monitoring (e.g., AI, machine learning, containers, DevOps, ad hoc streaming, dashboards). As we move toward 2020 and beyond, what I’m hearing from senior IT executives is that they are operating at a pace and scale never imagined and that no team (of humans) they build can keep up with. A Cisco UCS PM migration to Zenoss Cloud future-proofs your investment in monitoring. Zenoss Cloud inherently delivers the AI and machine learning needed to operate at AIOps scale with native data collection built in so you don’t need to rely on the elusive context that pure AIOps platforms discuss but struggle to deliver from inferences. With the explosion of DevOps, not only is the infrastructure landscape becoming more diverse, but many IT executives don’t even know what’s in their environments. (Oh no!) So, how are you going to monitor? A lightweight agent that can be automated in DevOps releases is a perfect solution that allows Zenoss Cloud monitoring to automatically extend to every single service and its underlying infrastructure that gets stood up in your environment, regardless of where it resides. Zenoss Cloud lets UCS PM users level up their infrastructure monitoring in myriad ways.

Next-Generation Cisco UCS PM Replacement

The Cisco UCS PM Unlock & Extend Program has been overhauled to provide existing Cisco UCS PM customers:

  1. A viable and supported long-term replacement product following Cisco’s end-of-sale announcement. 
  2. Far-reaching device coverage support, comprehensive and native agent, agentless and streaming data collection and integration capabilities coupled with unmatched AI and machine learning available only in a true SaaS platform.
  3. A prenegotiated transition package that both honors the investments made in Cisco software and sets you up for success.

These next-generation benefits for existing UCS PM users are realized by transitioning directly to Zenoss Cloud.

Cisco UCS PM is now at the end of sale, and the last date of support is May 31, 2021. Click here and/or contact Zenoss at cisco@zenoss.com for more information and further assistance in replacing Cisco UCS PM today!



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