Zenoss for Cisco UCS

Zenoss for Cisco UCS Customers

Zenoss provides Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) monitoring solutions that unify monitoring of all the components in the Cisco UCS stack. Cisco UCS Performance Manager (UCSPM) is software developed by Zenoss and rebranded by Cisco. Used by thousands of joint customers, UCSPM is designed to manage large and small UCS deployments. Zenoss software understands the relationships between operating system workloads, virtual machines, virtualized hosts, service profiles, data stores and storage arrays. Zenoss also tracks dependencies among all components that make up an IT application service.

UCS Performance Manager Key Benefits

  • Reduces expenses and increases availability with unified performance, capacity and fault monitoring for Cisco converged infrastructures
  • Improves efficiency through dynamic collection of Cisco UCS blade, network, storage and virtual machine host information
  • Enables increased utilization of UCS unified fabric with configuration-aware monitoring of SAN and LAN paths with the UCS domain
  • Decreases risk by ensuring that capacity thresholds are fully understood and potential issues are identified before disruptions occur
Zenoss for Cisco UCS Monitoring

With Zenoss, you can quickly integrate Cisco UCS monitoring into a single end-to-end view of your service delivery infrastructure. The Zenoss solution provides unified, real-time insight into service levels across physical and virtual resources, offering clear visibility into the availability and performance of your Cisco UCS compute resources, bare-metal and virtualized workloads, and networking and storage resources at all times.

Zenoss Benefits for Cisco UCS Customers

  • Improved operational efficiency with comprehensive, unified Cisco UCS monitoring
  • Faster incident resolution with automated root cause analysis for heterogeneous Cisco and non-Cisco environments
  • Complete visibility with workload relationship visualization and service dependency tracking across dynamic infrastructure stacks
  • Proven enterprise scalability
  • Cloud-based solution fully managed by Zenoss
Top 5 Things You Should Know About Zenoss & Cisco

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Cisco UCS Monitoring ZenPacks

Cisco UCS ZenPack
Discover and model Cisco UCS components, monitor performance, manage events, perform root-cause analysis and identify service impact. Learn More...

Cisco Devices ZenPack
Automatically discover and monitor faults and performance for a wide range of Cisco equipment, including virtual resources such as virtual firewalls and virtual load balancers. Learn More...

VMware vSphere ZenPack
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Microsoft Hyper-V ZenPack
Automatically discover Hyper-V entities, then monitor and collect data on Hyper-V servers, host CPUs, network adapters, resource pools, virtual machines, virtual network adapters and more. Learn More...

NetApp ZenPack
Discover and model clusters, nodes, disk shelves, aggregates, volumes, LUNs and more. You can also collect NFS, CIFS and HTTP operations per second, file system and snapshot utilization information, and hardware model and operating system asset information. Learn More...

EMC ZenPack
Discover, model and monitor VNX and VMAX block storage, including connections to virtual machine data stores. Collect hardware and operating system data, including information on arrays, batteries, enclosures, data devices, pools and more. Learn More...


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