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Use the Zenoss infrastructure model to surface dependencies between resources.


Navigate to any time period of interest to explore historical data.


Leverage voting to influence how metrics are displayed and prioritized.

Complete visibility for every environment — from simple infrastructures to complex, dynamic hybrid IT deployments

Unparalleled Context

Collect and analyze metrics, events, logs, agent data, streaming data and model data across complex, modern environments.

Machine Learning

Accelerate machine learning (ML) effectiveness with real-time, dynamic models of end-to-end IT services and applications.

Ludicrous Scale

Grow at warp speed with a serverless, elastic cloud-based architecture, real-time data streaming, and ML-based analytics.

Zenoss Recognized in Gartner Guide on IT Infrastructure Tools

Intelligent IT Operations Management

Zenoss provides software-defined IT operations for the world’s largest organizations. We deliver the ultimate level of IT service health with simplicity by providing the most granular and intelligent IT service modeling possible, at any scale, and sharing these unique insights with other IT operations management (ITOM) tools to make them more efficient.
With Zenoss Cloud, we just took it to another level.

Complete Visibility to Eliminate Blind Spots

  • Real-time metrics
  • Model data
  • Event data
  • Log data
  • Agent data
  • Application performance data
  • Network performance data
  • Ad hoc data

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Demystifying Hybrid Solutions and Architectures


Intelligent Insights to Predict Impact

With Zenoss Cloud, you get the only machine learning insights informed by real-time model data, as well as all other data types. This creates an unprecedented capability to visualize incidents, forecast trends and detect issues before the business is impacted. Intelligent insights allow you to:

  • Support new business models
  • Transition IT to event-driven outcomes
  • Evolve from availability and performance to capacity and optimization
  • Deliver management as a service for DevOps
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"Zenoss Cloud is a huge advancement in empowering companies like ours as we undertake digital transformation initiatives that are critical for the future of our company."


Automated Remediation
to Resolve Faster

Zenoss Cloud automates issue root cause, provides immediate notifications, enables cross-functional collaboration, and seamlessly integrates with other IT operations management (ITOM) technologies to accelerate and automate resolution.

  • Apply consistent monitoring policies across all cloud and on-premises systems
  • Influence how the model prioritizes related resources with voting
  • Drive efficiencies with the consumerized, intelligent user interface (Smart View)
  • Leverage machine learning–driven dynamic dashboards

"The ability to capture and contextualize machine data is becoming increasingly crucial to identifying and solving performance problems. This capability only grows in importance for businesses that need to manage the insane complexity of modern IT environments."

451 Research

Powerful Cloud Back End
to Operate at Massive Scale

With Zenoss Cloud — hosted on the cutting-edge Google Cloud Platform — leverage the most powerful machine learning and real-time analytics of streaming data to give you virtually infinite scale and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of your business. This massive scale will differentiate your business by allowing you to:

  • Combine the power of machine learning with model-based insights
  • Enable order of magnitude increase in data consumption and analysis
  • Process and consume data across tenants

Zenoss Cloud Intelligent IT Operations Management
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