Reduce Your IT Alert Noise and Fatigue

Two of the biggest IT headaches we hear about here at Zenoss are alert noise and fatigue. To help combat these, we co-developed an integration with PagerDuty to help enterprises successfully overcome these pain points. Recently, we launched the updated version of the PagerDuty ZenPack using PagerDuty’s v2 API and certification for Zenoss Cloud.

The PagerDuty ZenPack enables enterprises to more effectively monitor and manage alerts 24/7/365. With dependable monitoring and alerts, enterprises are able to successfully resolve IT issues as quickly as possible to maintain ongoing operations and maximize uptime.

Here are some highlights of the PagerDuty ZenPack integration solution:


    1. Eliminates Noise, Delays and Errors
      Leverages model-informed machine learningto reduce alert noise by up to 99.9975% — identifying definitive root cause and creating real-time PagerDuty notifications only for actionable events.
    2. Optimizes Response Orchestration
      Maps real-time models of all dependencies in the most dynamic, complex modern IT environments and simplifies event escalation processes leading to faster resolutions — greatly reducing mean time to acknowledgement (MTTA) and mean time to resolution (MTTR).
    3. Scales Your ITOM Ecosystem With the Zenoss Cloud-Based Platform
      Scales monitoring and offers valuable insights into other critical ITOM solutions, including alert management, incident management, CMDB, provisioning/orchestration, APM and more.


PagerDuty ZenPack Capabilities

Offered directly through Zenoss, the PagerDuty ZenPack gives you the ability to extend performance and the availability to unify the monitoring and alerting of your infrastructure and on-call teams in just one click. Integrating Zenoss and PagerDuty allows teams to monitor their entire infrastructures, including cloud, virtual and physical IT environments.

  • Creates PagerDuty notifications based off of events in Zenoss so people are instantly notified of issues, downtime and outages
  • Opens incidents in PagerDuty automatically
  • Automatically propagates changes to PagerDuty, updating the incident appropriately
  • Handles real-time data from all sources across the entire enterprise to help accurately monitor hybrid cloud environments (e.g., Google Cloud, AWS, OpenStack, vSphere, Nutanix, etc.)
  • Provides end-to-end service impact views that help IT proactively understand all of the dependencies of any predeployment or production service
  • Simplifies cloud migrations by enabling highly focused routing of incidents to provide relevant and actionable alerts in real time
  • Increases collaboration and visibility across the entire enterprise
  • Tightly integrates IT development, deployment and operations teams’ workflows
  • Uses the latest PagerDuty API (v2)

The benefits of this integration are time tested and very real.

  1. Reduction of mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 85%
  2. Reduction of monitoring software licensing by 90%
  3. Increase in IT administration productivity by 50%

Cascadeo, a longtime mutual customer of Zenoss and PagerDuty, places a high value on the integration and positive impact to their business. Cascadeo CTO Jared Reimer stated, “We are incredibly dependent on Zenoss and the PagerDuty ZenPack — it is a critical component for Cascadeo in ensuring we get only actionable alerts and separates the signal from the noise, enabling our NOC team to become much more efficient.”

This integration enhances the ability of IT to quickly respond to alerts, making it possible for critical issues to be addressed more quickly and reliably. Users can resolve issues even faster by taking advantage of flexible on-call scheduling and customizable alerts.

So if you want to get started reducing your alert noise and fatigue, send us quick message to set up time to chat. We would enjoy continuing the conversation!



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