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Service-centric IT organizations differentiate themselves from peers by their ability to accelerate incident resolution no matter what the organization’s priorities may be as they undertake critical transformation projects.

Gartner reports that, “By 2020, digital services, automation (such as RPA) and AI will convert 60% of BPS providers' current 'people-process-centric' business models to a 'business-services-centric' model.”

The success of modern IT companies often hinges directly on the ability of IT operations teams to navigate their transition to a cloud-first, service-oriented infrastructure. IT service assurance means being able to monitor services at a component level, including performance and configuration data from different devices. A real-time view into your IT infrastructure helps system administrators proactively troubleshoot unexpected issues before they affect end users or customers. Instead of spending their time treating recurring symptoms, they attack problems at their core.

Today’s IT teams need software to help them throughout their deductive problem-solving process — accelerating resolution by streamlining investigation and collaborating across teams, quickly identifying root cause, and automating remediation. Here are some of the key capabilities to watch out for when appraising IT infrastructure monitoring solutions that promise to help your team close incidents more quickly.


Improve Root-Cause Analysis

A solid root-cause analysis capability lets you isolate probable cause sooner, with clear visibility into the health, performance and utilization of the systems your services rely on.

Ease Troubleshooting

More efficient troubleshooting depends on your team being provided with relevant information on events before service disruptions occur — using bidirectional, consistent information flow with key ticketing systems.

Streamline Cross-Team Collaboration

Align IT Ops and ITSM to effortlessly share relevant information on issues. In order to ensure that your team operates at maximum efficiency, the monitoring platform should let you seamlessly share data on infrastructure issues affecting an application as well as on how an affected component interacts with other parts of the system.

Automate Remediation

Resolving issues smoothly and cross-functionally depends on tight integrations between ITOM tools, which create efficiencies that cannot be achieved otherwise. Integration with your incident management tools enables automatic generation of tickets when anomalies are detected. You can proactively identify incidents, troubleshoot and resolve issues by gathering relevant information on events before service disruptions occur.


Zenoss provides a consumerized, intelligent user interface that provides automated root-cause identification and resolution, leveraging machine learning–driven dynamic dashboards to streamline collaboration workflows. It allows you to apply consistent monitoring policies across all cloud and on-premises systems, provides immediate notifications, enables cross-functional collaboration, and seamlessly integrates with other ITOM technologies to accelerate and automate resolution. If you’re interested in learning more or seeing a demo, please reach out to us!



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