Behold: The New Kubernetes Monitoring ZenPack

Earlier this year, Zenoss announced Zenoss Cloud, a next-generation cloud-native SaaS offering designed to enable businesses to prevent IT outages. Zenoss also announced support for Google Cloud, adding to existing robust capabilities managing IT services across multicloud environments that include Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Nutanix. With the new ZenPack for Kubernetes containers, Zenoss adds tremendous value to clients by integrating the monitoring of multicloud environments leveraging Kubernetes technology with any IT infrastructure an organization may use — no matter where that infrastructure is located or how it is hosted. Alongside Zenoss’ existing ZenPack for Docker environments, Zenoss now offers the most complete portfolio of extensions available to enable IT organizations to gain complete visibility into every technology their constituents depend on.

Container technologies like Kubernetes enable organizations to automate the deployment of services rather than focus on the deployment of servers and virtual machines. Teams are decomposing their monolithic applications into agile microservices and gaining the benefits that come with containerization: speed, portability, resilience and efficiency at scale.

With these benefits come additional challenges, as containerized microservices live in a highly dynamic environment. Kubernetes clusters scale capacity up and down as needed for the requisite workloads, and container pods can be dynamically distributed across multiple nodes, increasing complexity.

The Kubernetes ZenPack enables enterprises to monitor the health, status and performance of Kubernetes deployments. Zenoss can dynamically map out the relationships between critical components of Kubernetes clusters so customers can instantaneously pinpoint issues when they occur and provide insight into additional affected components and services.

Users running the Kubernetes ZenPack can stay ahead of problems before they occur by providing:

  • Overall cluster performance monitoring
  • Relationship mapping and health monitoring for Kubernetes nodes, services and pods
  • Collection of performance metrics for Kubernetes clusters, nodes, pods and containers
  • Customizable dashboards for top-consuming containers and pods
  • Service impact and root-cause analysis when issues occur
  • Events and alerts from Kubernetes clusters

The Kubernetes ZenPack also integrates with cloud-based Kubernetes clusters, providing support for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). So, no matter where your containers live, Zenoss has you covered.

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