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Modern IT environments can be dynamic and complex. IT organizations often find themselves monitoring effectively at small scale but few have implemented solutions with the flexibility and capability to operate in elastically scalable environments.

For scaling purposes, IT Ops teams demand a flexible approach to monitoring and data collection, and they require data streaming and analytics capabilities as well as big data back ends. Gartner reports that, “By 2020, 50% of IT organizations will apply advanced analytics in application development to improve application quality and speed of delivery.” Monitoring solutions must give IT Ops the ability and confidence to predict and eliminate IT disruptions at scale.

With confident scaling, you can adapt to unique and evolving needs while focusing on delivering business value through IT services rather than administering the tools that support them. Here are some of key points to watch out for when considering the scaling capabilities of potential IT infrastructure monitoring solutions.


Complete Coverage

In order to extend monitoring capabilities to any system or application, the platform should support flexible plug-ins that are easily created or modified. Scale your monitoring coverage to your entire IT universe.

Elastic Scalability

A cloud-based architecture provides the virtually infinite elasticity required in massive, dynamic environments to match the resources allocated with the actual demand at any given point in time.

Unified Management

To future-proof your IT environment, the platform should scale seamlessly from small site instances to global, multisite cloud and on-premises deployments — providing capacity-planning insights to optimize IT resources and ensure service quality scales with your business.

Ultimate Flexibility

Your IT Ops teams should aim to integrate ITOM tools and create efficiencies that cannot be achieved by the individual parts. The monitoring platform should offer out-of-box integrations with all of the common public clouds and ticketing solutions as well as emerging technologies like hyperconverged infrastructure.


Zenoss builds the most granular and intelligent infrastructure relationship models possible at any scale, proactively delivers deep, unparalleled health and performance insights to optimize any IT environment, and shares insights with other ITOM tools to automate issue remediation. Zenoss Cloud is designed to operate at scale in any IT environment, enabling you to efficiently manage landscapes that continue to grow in size and complexity. If you’re interested in learning more or seeing a demo, please reach out to us!



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