Your Journey to the Cloud - 5 Essential Facts About Zenoss + Nutanix

Growing up in Seattle, Washington, I had access to some of the best hiking in the world. If you want take on a challenge and climb a peak, then the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges provide a variety of journeys for everyone regardless of skill level and starting point. We were taught at a very young age that everyone needed certain “essentials” before setting out to ensure safety and success.  

Those of you in IT today are no different from the adventurous hikers in the great Northwest as you plan your journey to the cloud. There are solution synergies and technology essentials you must have to make your journey and transformation a successful one. Two of these essentials are Nutanix and Zenoss, and the integration between the two solutions will help you summit your transformational peak ahead of your competition.

Here are five essential facts about Zenoss and Nutanix you must know before starting your journey to the cloud.

Zenoss is Nutanix Ready Integrated

    1. Zenoss is the Only Enterprise Monitoring Solution Certified Nutanix Ready - Integrated
      Zenoss collaborated with Nutanix to create the Nutanix ZenPack, a prebuilt, jointly tested and validated custom extension to the Zenoss platform that enables Zenoss to provide advanced monitoring for Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) deployed anywhere.
    2. Zenoss Turbocharges Nutanix Prism
      Prism provides insights specific for managing Nutanix clusters. Zenoss enhances this management by linking business services to underlying resources by building a real-time model of each IT service. Zenoss also augments Prism by providing historical data analytics. Zenoss provides the most granular view into Nutanix clusters. 
    3. Zenoss Monitors Nutanix and All Other Cloud & On-Premises Services
      Zenoss extends monitoring capabilities to all cloud and on-premises IT resources running alongside any HCI deployment in a single unified view. Zenoss also enables customers to identify all systems/workloads throughout their IT environments and determine what can be moved to Nutanix or the cloud for optimization and cost reduction. 
    4. Nutanix is a Zenoss Customer
      Nutanix IT uses Zenoss to monitor their IT environments to ensure the highest levels of performance and availability for applications and services that power their business. Nutanix uses Zenoss to monitor HCI and other critical systems across Nutanix environments. 
    5. Zenoss & Nutanix Together Enable Your Successful Journey to the Cloud
      Zenoss and Nutanix have a common objective to increase IT agility and eliminate the risk associated with modern, dynamic environments. Like Nutanix, Zenoss enables customers to escape the limitations of traditional IT infrastructures, providing seamless deployments that scale elastically.

Zenoss and Nutanix would love to engage with you and learn more about what you are doing in IT, where you are in your journey to the cloud, and how we can help you reach your summit.

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