How Correlating User and Full-Stack Monitoring Improves Digital CX

In our previous blog post, we discussed how intelligent root-cause analysis and remediation capabilities provide faster mean time to resolution using readily accessible contextual data collected from different sources. This was reinforced by The Forrester Wave™: Intelligent Application and Service Monitoring, Q2 2019, where we were recognized as a leader. Forrester acknowledged the importance of having robust tools for measuring digital customer experience (CX). Here’s what they had to say about it:

“Real user monitoring (RUM), synthetic transaction monitoring, and transaction monitoring measure CX, tracking every step of a user’s interactions, from device to application to ultimate business outcome.”

Why IT Pros Struggle to Measure Digital CX

Many enterprises find it challenging to overcome hurdles like siloed metrics, complicated root causes, and inability to take action on measurement insights, which leads to substandard digital experiences for customers. Having the right tools and processes help IT pros uncover pain points from metrics collected through user interactions. These measurements can help in creating framework for key stakeholders to design and improve digital experiences.

Both developers and IT teams need to collaborate and create a road map for managing digital experiences in dynamic environments. A full-stack monitoring mechanism can help cross-functional teams to view and understand application performance along with the customer journey. For instance, setting up service-level objectives can ensure your critical applications are up and running. But having deep visibility into performance metrics of your customer-facing applications can enable both developers and IT teams to answer key questions about the overall digital experience in real time.

How Zenoss Can Help

Todays’ IT monitoring solutions need to be able to identify pain points in user experiences by connecting insights across data sources to pinpoint critical CX issues along the customer journey. One of Zenoss’ capabilities leverages machine learning–driven dynamic dashboards, creating an intelligent user interface (Smart View) based on user interactions. For instance, Zenoss Smart View displays the most relevant information on the top based on the event data collected from different sources, including event severity, event class, and event name, as well as the time each event occurred. This makes things easier for IT Ops to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues before they impact user experience.

Zenoss helps you adopt customer experience measurement capabilities by tracking native synthetic transactions through integration with third-party solutions. It collects custom metrics using agents to provide insights into poorly performing microservices to understand implications on applications. Zenoss supports custom integration with third-party real user monitoring (RUM solutions) with capabilities that include ingesting published RUM alert events, parsing the events to determine the affected devices, and correlating the events with the Zenoss service impact model to enable root-cause identification. Zenoss was recently recognized by Forrester as a leader in IASM. As quoted by Forrester:

“Zenoss Cloud readily accepts data from any source through ZenPacks, which are plug-ins, designed by the company or community, that leverage APIs, REST calls, or an agent. The solution also provides a software development kit (SDK) for customers to create their own custom device integrations to further extend the product.”

A software-defined IT operations management platform like Zenoss Cloud helps IT Ops teams understand IT service risks in real time and reduces noise by bubbling up service-impacting events. For more information on how you can utilize Zenoss Cloud to unify your observability practices across legacy and modern IT environments, contact Zenoss to set up a demo.

To learn more about intelligent application and service monitoring, download the Forrester Wave report here.



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