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Go Beyond Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Gain end-to-end insights into your IT services and get full-stack problem resolution by adding rich context to APM tools.

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Ensuring Application Health With AI-Driven Full-Stack Monitoring


What is APM?

Application performance monitoring (APM) tools were originally created for application developers to debug code performance. They offer code-level insights on all aspects of an application’s health and performance. But because of the level of access they need, they can be cumbersome to deploy and expensive to license compared to other ITOM tools. As such, they are typically deployed for a small percentage of an organization's applications.

Some APM tools also collect various infrastructure metrics. This is generally limited to collecting select data from open-source agents that monitor servers as well as data from some systems, like Docker, that are instrumented to push the data to a monitoring tool. This approach provides no visibility into the health or performance of the vast majority of systems supporting IT services because they require data to be explicitly queried. Because of this limitation, APM tools cannot prevent IT outages.

Augment Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Tools With Service-Dependency Models

For the subset of applications being monitored by APM tools, Zenoss integrates with those tools to combine application and infrastructure data in one interface — delivering a single source of truth for problem identification and resolution. For all services and applications, whether they are monitored by an APM tool or not, Zenoss provides the same real-time IT service modeling, across all cloud and on-premises environments through the use of ZenPacks to automatically query and index infrastructure metrics.

"Bring in data from APM tools, infrastructure monitoring, log management, and all of your monitoring platforms into one centralized place where you can run machine learning to get intelligence about your systems."

-Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst, 451 Research


Zenoss and Application Performance MonitoringActionable Insight for Your IT Services

  • Go beyond the metrics collected by your APM tools from a few applications to ensure the health of all systems and software supporting every IT service your organization is delivering at a much lower cost
  • Quickly isolate the root cause of potential issues, pinpoint affected applications, and resolve them before disruptions occur
  • Increase operational efficiency by connecting availability and performance monitoring for applications with deep and insightful mappings of complex physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures

End-to-End Visibility

  • Build service dependency models that include the storage arrays, network infrastructure, power supplies and other critical devices APM tools often miss
  • Work in concert with APM tools to ensure reliable service delivery both during development and in production
  • Gain detailed, granular understanding of all components, their performance and their interconnected dependencies

Faster Resolution & Reduced Risk

  • Using real-time IT service modeling and advanced root-cause analysis and prediction technology, quickly resolve incidents before application users are impacted
  • Automatically monitor application events and provide immediate alerts and notifications when potential issues arise
  • Ensure optimal full-stack application performance before deploying in a live production environment

Less Noise, More Action

  • Automatically convert alerts from APM tools into events
  • Correlate new events with the impact they will have on critical business services
  • Filter incoming notifications from APM tools by severity, type, or by the service they impact
  • Deduplicate issues from multiple services caused by the same infrastructure component

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