Financial Services Choose Zenoss To Cut IT Infrastructure Costs Up To 75 Percent

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By: Alison Guzzio >> The skyrocketing cost of running data centers has become an increasingly painful operational burden for financial services institutions, as they try to offer new services for clients at an ever-increasing pace. To address this challenge, a growing number of these organizations, both publicly traded and privately held, are turning to hybrid IT.

This allows them to take advantage of the speed of cloud deployments while keeping select applications on-premises to meet security requirements. However, these hybrid environments also require far more advanced monitoring capabilities than legacy systems can provide.

Unified Hybrid Monitoring for Financial Services

For many of the top financial services organizations the answer was simple: a unified hybrid IT monitoring platform. With Zenoss, financial institutions like Huntington Bank have been able to leverage a single, unified platform to view all of their heterogeneous IT assets across both on-premises and cloud instances. This holistic view has allowed these institutions to realize significant operational improvements.
As an example, one large financial services customer was able to eliminate 37 unnecessary monitoring tools – including two expensive legacy frameworks – by deploying Zenoss across their entire IT environment. Zenoss now monitors 15,000 devices across two decentralized data centers, and the company was able to fund five additional staff members with the savings they realized from cutting maintenance costs alone. This same institution also improved its mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 85%, providing centralized event management and transparency of data across business units.

“Many of our financial services customers have hundreds of business units, each delivering unique applications and services. The data sets they manage are growing exponentially,” said Brian Wilson, Senior Vice President of Customer Success. “This is forcing the IT Operations teams within these companies to search for monitoring and management solutions with a future-
ready design that is ‘big data’ capable.”

Cloud and Hybrid IT Monitoring Helps Improve Operations, 24/7 Mission Critical Availability and Boost System Performance for IT Infrastructures

The Zenoss platform was designed from the ground up to help manage today’s complex IT environments, automating application and service uptime for the largest scale physical, virtual, and cloud based infrastructures. Utilizing next-generation technologies, Zenoss provides a truly open and extensible platform that is uniquely capable of monitoring today’s hybrid IT environments.

“One of my favorite examples was a large banking customer who recently deployed Zenoss, and was able to reduce their footprint of dedicated monitoring servers from 40 down to 10,” said Wilson. “They’ve now empowered a single monitoring administrator to oversee their entire infrastructure - as only part of his job – where they previously had three dedicated, full time and Boost System Performance for IT Infrastructures engineers. It’s stark operational improvements like this that have made Zenoss the go-to solution for financial institutions around the world.”

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