What Is Open Source Dual Licensing?

shutterstock_157123775By Peter LoBrutto >> Dual licensing is an open source business model where a vendor makes its software available both via an open source license and via a different model that may incur a license fee. Here at Zenoss, we are an open source software company that utilizes a dual licensing approach. One of our offers is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 open source license and the other is licensed under a commercial license which is outlined in the Zenoss Master License and Services Agreement.

Zenoss Dual Licensing

Our commercial, subscription-based offering, which is called Zenoss Service Dynamics, is our highest value offering.  Available in both SaaS and on-premises deployment options, it provides a unified infrastructure monitoring platform for customers facing modern-day challenges in a variety of scenarios including:

> Hybrid IT
> Converged Infrastructure
> Virtualization / Software-Defined
> Internal / External Service Provider
> Unified Monitoring Broker Platform
> ITOM Process Optimization

Licensing: Zenoss Service Dynamics customers may modify (but cannot redistribute) the software.

Zenoss Core is a "freemium" open source offering.  It provides capabilities that targets users with basic monitoring use cases such as servers, networking, and storage.

Licensing: Zenoss Core users may modify (and may redistribute) the software.

Zenoss Dual Licencing

Software Price


For a Fee



Open Source

Zenoss Core

(may redistribute)


Zenoss Service Dynamics

(may not redistribute)

We have a robust Zenoss Community that includes both our Core and Service Dynamics customers.  We invite you to join our community, try our solutions and we stand ready for when you need the additional capabilities of our commercial offering.

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