Training: Imperative for Transformational Objectives

transformational trainingJorge Zepeda-Godinez >> The widespread business model changes driven in part by the adoption of cloud, open source platforms and software defined networking (SDN) technologies by Carrier Service Providers (CSP) and Enterprises is creating a need for transformational and change management programs focused on people and their skills. The need to pay attention to the people issues and change management programs to support adoption of these technologies has emerged as a critical success factor – especially with the changing ways of working implied by use of DevOps tools and agile methodologies for operating networks and data centers. While research varies, studies estimate that as much as 70% of transformation programs fail to deliver the full, intended benefits in large part due to the lack of having adopted appropriate people engagement programs, which includes capability building.

SOPRIS University - Transformational Training

Training Transformational Corporations such as AT&T have been quite public about the initiatives it has taken to build comprehensive re-skilling programs offering its employees learning paths to attain the new skill sets required to be successful in achieving its ambitious transformational objectives.  Other CSP’s raised the issue at a recent open source NFV (OPNFV) conference in Berlin, while SOPRIS Technologies has seen a growing demand for new skill sets coming from engagements with Enterprises and CSPs across the Americas – especially with areas like building expertise in OpenStack; deploying with Docker; managing across a hybrid cloud network; building advanced operations management; managing Video Quality of Experience.

SOPRIS understands the critical importance of addressing the technological, business processes as well as the people aspects of a transformation and has responded to this demand in two ways:

1. Building a large pool of expertise to support customers with implementation of new technologies through consulting engagements or design and implementation of new projects

2. Creating “SOPRIS University” which is initially focused on delivering training programs focused on building IT operational capabilities via targeted training courses – delivered in Spanish or English, locally/face-to- face, or remote via virtual conferencing

SOPRIS University has defined a practical hands-on learning curriculum and certification program focused on creating the capabilities required to deploy, operate and transform existing legacy IT operations to next generation unified monitoring as is provided by the Zenoss portfolio of solutions.

Training Transformational 2SOPRIS University has a high degree of focus in its offerings around high impact, transformational solutions aimed at creating operational capabilities that will improve / simplify network operations to materially increase end-user experience.
Since mid-April, SOPRIS University has been delivering introductory and advanced Zenoss training courses to prepare technical teams coming from SOPRIS Partners and IT operations teams coming from SOPRIS’ customers - some of which have the largest IT operations spanning Latin America.

SOPRIS University anticipates offering additional targeted expertise for example around Openstack (in partnership with Wanclouds); Orchestration (in partnership with SaltStack); Video Monitoring and Optimization; Quality Process Improvement and implementation of Agile Methodology; Networking Technologies (DSL, fiber, cable, SDWAN); and Internet of Things.

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