EMA Research: Monitoring the Digital Business Transformation

Our recent user conference, GalaxZ 16, brought together some of the greatest minds in the industry. This three-day conference was an incredible forum to learn, network and collaborate with business leaders, IT experts and technologists who are defining the future of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure monitoring for many leading enterprise companies.

We were pleased to have Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates, attend the event and hear his thoughts on monitoring and the digital business transformation. Here is a quick video with a few key points based on his recent findings.

As stated in the video, business advantages from adopting the right hybrid monitoring tool for physical and virtual networks can include improved customer experience and brand perception, along with operational efficiencies and financial gains.

No matter how a network is built, it is essential to the success of IT as it serves as the connective tissue for all other elements of IT infrastructure and services. However, in recent years, McGillicuddy hears that enterprises have begun leveraging networks as competitive assets. Given this reality, the network is now held to a higher standard of availability and performance than ever before. The tools and practices that network management teams use to deliver quality network services are more important than ever.

The recent EMA™ research report takes a detailed look at the current state of networks and network management. It examines several major areas of change and evolution affecting network management, or what EMA calls "megatrends." These megatrends include hybrid cloud networking, the Internet of Things, advanced network analytics, network management outsourcing, and network management tool consolidation.


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