When East meets West - Dynatrace and Zenoss

Some people call this IT era the Third Platform. The first was widespread use of mainframes, the second distributed computing, and we’re at the start of the third, the broad reliance on software and infrastructure consumed via APIs. The digital transformation is happening everywhere, from government to consumer goods, from finance to travel.

According to Forrester Research, 93% of CxOs believe that digital will disrupt their business. CapGemini reports that 87% of companies think of digital transformation is a competitive opportunity.

By the way, this doesn’t mean all IaaS, all the time. At GalaxZ16, Chris Pope told us that industry-specific clouds will emerge, and organizations will adapt software-as-infrastructure like ServiceNow to transform, to move to visibility, availability, and agility.

For IT Operations, the Third Platform means embracing and supporting the entire technology chain from end users through the internet to custom applications, software services, and infrastructure devices.

To deliver this end-to-end view, Zenoss customers have been asking us to work closely with Dynatrace. Extending Zenoss service monitoring with Dynatrace’s user experience and application coverage gives the complete view that customers need.

The two companies are working together at several customers to build out a digital performance management solution.

dyna 1



Together we think we can help customers anticipate and prevent issues, identifying problems before they affect customers, and eliminating most of those nasty tweets sent to your CEO when an application fails. This is good news - something like 97% of customer-facing application  issues are found by the customer today.

At GalaxZ, Michael Masterson of Dynatrace and I outlined what we’ve been working on in joint customers. Our customers are taking end user response time and application data from Dynatrace and merging it directly into their service models, roughly as you see in the picture below.

dyna 2

The integration is simple in concept - monitor your apps with Dynatrace, monitor your infrastructure with Zenoss - and we’re making rapid progress towards delivering a standard product. The goal is to deliver the experience our customer’s customers want for every transaction, for every interaction.

We’d like to work with you, too. We’ll be happy to put together a meeting with you, Dynatrace, and us to identify the right approach for you your project.




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