Cloud Links #80 - Gartner Warnings, Resiliency in Design, 110 Cloud Stats of 2012

Every Friday, Zenoss highlights some of the best posts from the week. Here are some great articles they selected from 1/1/2013 that are worth taking a look at.

Proceed carefully with cloud storage, Gartner warns by Brandon Butler | NetworkWorld

Storing information in the public cloud from a growing market of vendors is a viable alternative to on-premise, traditional storage options for some use cases, research firm Gartner says.

What do you want from cloud computing? A conversation with Zenoss by Dan Kusnetzky | ZDNet

Floyd Strimling of Zenoss chats about cloud computing, open source and Zenoss. He wants organizations to ask what do they want from cloud computing before jumping in.

Designing for Resiliency will be so 2013 by Todd Hoff | High Scalability

A big part of engineering for a quality experience is bringing in the long tail. An improbable severe failure can ruin your experience of a site, even if your average experience is quite good. That's where building for resilience comes in. Resiliency used to be outside the realm of possibility for the common system. It was simply too complex and too expensive.


By The Numbers…


OpenStack Board of Directors Talks: Episode 3 with Randy Bias, Co-Founder & CTO at Cloudscaling by Rafael Knuth | Dell Tech Blogs

Learn firsthand about OpenStack, its challenges and opportunities, market adoption and Cloudscaling’s engagement in the community. My goal is to interview all 24 members of the OpenStack board, and I will post these talks sequentially at Dell TechCenter. In order to make these interviews easier to read, I structured them into my (subjectively) most important takeaways. Enjoy reading!

In 2013, We Will Take a Cloud Infrastructure Reality Check by Margaret Dawson | VMblog

The past year was about record growth of digital data, cloud utilization and the infrastructure build out to support both of those.  On the data frontier, IDC now estimates that we will hit 40 Zettabtyes by 2020 - and I expect them to keep upwardly adjusting that forecast. As we entered 2013, we were managing over 500,000 data centers worldwide, according to Emerson Power, encompassing square feet equivalent to 6,000 football fields.  And there are plans for massive new DCs by not only cloud giants Google, Facebook and Amazon but private companies and co-location companies.

Dell Has A New Platform As A Service That Actually Makes Sense by Alex Williams | TechCrunch

Dell has a new platform as a service (PaaS) and it actually makes sense. The service is called Project Fast PaaS, part of the new Dell Cloud Labs, which also includes Project Sputnik, the Linux laptop for developers and Crowbar, the open-source cloud deployment framework. Crowbar was originally created to support its “OpenStack- and Hadoop-powered offerings.”

How to Succeed with an OpenStack or CloudStack Project by Dan Bode & Floyd Strimling | InfoQ

This year, we’ve seen successful OpenStack and CloudStack projects, including Cisco and Red Hat’s OpenStack-based distributions, and Citrix contributing CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation while launching Citrix CloudPlatform. Both Puppet Labs and Zenoss have been involved in several of these projects and wanted to share some insight with those who are looking to start an open source cloud project, or are already started. The common denominator in all of these successes has been deep technical knowledge, time to build, and forethought.



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