All I Want for Christmas, 2012

The Death of ITIL

Pencils down everyone, it’s time to finally admit that ITIL is a costly, time consuming, and never ending project that does not work in the cloud/software defined data center era.  Leave the 5 volumes on the shelf; take a hard look at DevOps and welcome to the era of being agile.

Microsoft Office for Linux

With the release of Microsoft Office 365 and the perceived threat of the extinction of the laptop, it’s time for Microsoft to unleash Microsoft Office for Linux.  With all due respect to OpenOffice and LibreOffice, they are no matches for Microsoft Office, especially within the enterprise, and it is time for Microsoft to wake-up.

Red Hat OpenStack

The race to commercialize OpenStack is in full swing, and Red Hat is busy working on their offering.  Perhaps no other commercial open source company in the world is suited for this task, and the enterprise eagerly awaits their solution.

Rise of the Private Cloud…For Real this time

While Google, Amazon, Rackspace, and Microsoft will duke it out for public cloud supremacy, the real battle is for the private cloud.  Whether it is OpenStack, CloudStack, or Eucalyptus would someone please explain the value of this technology to the enterprise?

Revenge of the Developers

We live in an era dominated by technology and specifically the elegant marriage between hardware and software.  It is time for developers around the globe to realize that they hold all the cards and their voices must be heard.  Open source is a great start, but the real revolution is within innovation and recognition of their contributions.

End the Hype

Whether it is Cloud, Big Data, SDN, or whatever comes next, it is time to end the hype around new IT technologies.  Technology is simply an enabler to solve critical business challenges and, often times, creates unintended consequences.  Rather than create hype and over-inflated valuations of individual companies, let’s work together to create technology that stands the test of time while creating real business value measured in terms of revenue or productivity gains.

What’s on your Christmas list?  Have a happy and safe holiday!



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