By the Numbers: The State of Converged Infrastructure [2013]

The Road to Converged Infrastructure

At the beginning of 2013, we sent out invites to our IT infrastructure monitoring community with regards to their adoption or consideration of Converged Infrastructure. As it turns out, not only is Convergence a hot topic right now; 1/3 of our respondents are already running Converged Infrastructure in their environments.

We sent our survey to over 100,000 people to truly dig in to the actual adoption rates around Converged Infrastructure, the number of real-world deployments being considered in 2013, how well current deployments are actually working, and candid insights from the innovative companies already harnessing the power that comes from convergence. You can download a copy of the full report here.

Highlights from the survey include:

The Converged Infrastructure adoption curve is quite steep at this time

  • 30% of respondents are already living with Converged Infrastructure.
  • Half of respondents (51%) are actively considering or planning to adopt Converged Infrastructure; of these, 2 out of 3 expect to be deployed by the end of 2014.
  • Technology & telecommunications firms were – not surprisingly –early adopters, but Education is hot in pursuit, as are Software & Service Providers.

There are strategic disconnects (top-to-bottom) regarding what Converged Infrastructure should accomplish

  • Overall, respondents named efficiency as the top reason to adopt Converged Infrastructure. But C-level executives seek (and likely measure success) differently; they are after agility (faster responses to changing needs of the business) and lower capital expenses (via higher overall resource utilization).

Early adopters of Converged Infrastructure point to a bright future with Converged Operations

  • 75% of those with Converged Infrastructure indicate they’re providing better customer service than before
  • While 46% of organizations currently plan to hand converged infrastructure to the Server team, organizations that have formed new converged infrastructure teams are 74% more likely to be “very satisfied” with their staffing structure, and report needing fewer tools to ensure performance & availability.

To get the full copy of this report, you can download it here


To take this a step further, we're hosting a webinar to discuss the results of this survey and what it means for your business and the broader market shift towards convergence.

Webinar Panelists Include:

  • Stu Miniman, Senior Analyst at Wikibon
  • Alan Conley, CTO & SVP of Product Development at Zenoss
  • Jennifer Darrouzet, Director of Product Marketing at Zenoss




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