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Zenoss Solution Brief

Enterprise IT has evolved from a traditional cost center into a source of continuous innovation for businesses. A dynamic IT ecosystem requires a modern approach that spans the entire IT service chain — an approach that is unified, architecturally extensible, and based on real-time, end-to-end visibility and intelligent analytics.

Zenoss delivers SaaS-based full-stack monitoring and AIOps insights at any scale. We provide an intelligent IT operations management platform (ITOM) by building the most granular and intelligent infrastructure relationship models possible at any scale. Using robust AIOps analytics capabilities for all data types, including metrics, dependency data, events and streaming data, Zenoss proactively delivers deep, unparalleled health and performance information to optimize any IT environment and shares insights with other ITOM tools to automate issue remediation.

Zenoss Solution Brief

Enabling IT to Move at the Speed of Business

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