The Key to Achieving Trustworthy AIOps

Sean McDermott of the Find Flow podcast, brought to you by Windward, interviews guest speakers from Zenoss: Trent Fitz, chief marketing officer, and Ani Gujrathi, chief technology officer. In this insightful episode, they dive into how AIOps has evolved and continues to evolve. We’ve come a long way from Gen 1 AIOps, which was based mainly on root-cause analysis, or pinpointing a problem for the IT team. Gen 2 AIOps is here, and it is the next step up in AIOps. It provides faster insights with topology and connectivity built into the AIOps system. What does that mean? The IT team jumps in to resolve the issue even faster than before. Listen to this episode to discover what is next in the AIOps evolution and the role Zenoss will play.

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