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A Guide to AIOps - The Future of IT Ops

Over the last few years, many IT monitoring solutions haven't kept pace with the advances of modern IT infrastructures. Many organizations still rely on disparate and siloed monitoring tools built on legacy framework that present a fragmented view of IT operations. It is increasingly clear that tools developed to keep a single system or a small cluster running are no longer sufficient in today's highly distributed, complex environment.

If you are in IT Ops or DevOps, hardly a day goes by without someone mentioning AIOps. There are a few who think AIOps can replace IT Ops tools today. Others debate this, saying that AIOps is still a nascent field, and it will take a few more years until we see a full-fledged AIOps platform for IT operations management. But there's always been a lot of confusion on how AIOps really works.

A Guide to AIOps - The Future of IT Ops

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