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Exploring AIOps: Cluster Analysis for Events

AIOps, i.e., artificial intelligence for IT operations, has become the latest strategy du jour in the IT operations management space to help address and better manage the growing complexity and extreme scale of modern IT environments. AIOps enables some unique and new capabilities on this front, though it is quite a bit more complicated than the panacea that it is made out to be. However, the underlying AI and machine learning (ML) concepts do help complement, supplement and, in particular cases, even supplant more traditional approaches to handling typical IT Ops scenarios at scale.

An AIOps platform has to ingest and deal with multiple types of data to develop a comprehensive understanding of the state of the managed domain(s) and to better discern the push and pull of diverse trends in the environment, both overt and subtle, that may destabilize critical business outcomes. In this white paper, we will take a look at an AIOps approach to handling one of the fundamental data types: events.

Exploring AIOps: Cluster Analysis for Events

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