Can You Hear Me Now? Optimize Your Unified Communications

There are pros and cons when it comes to working remotely. But when a remote workforce must be part of the equation, there are typically three primary objectives — to keep employees productive, collaborative and focused.

There are a number of communication tools such as Zoom, WebEx and Teams that enable staff to remain connected wherever they are in the world through voice and video. This isn’t new. However, most were not expecting the world to shift to remote working overnight and the new reliance on such tools for business continuity. Some organizations have reported a 50x increase in video conferencing usage during this recent shift.

How do you ensure a consistent end-user experience that is free of dropped calls and other issues that distract from keeping employees productive, collaborative and focused?

Listen to this webinar to learn more about tackling the challenges of enabling a remote workforce.


Can You Hear Me Now? Optimize Your Unified Communications

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