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Zenoss Delivers Visualization and Service Assurance Monitoring for VMware vCloud™ Director

AUSTIN, TX – August 31, 2010 – Today at VMworld 2010, Zenoss Inc., a leading provider of dynamic service assurance products for public, private and hybrid clouds, demonstrated dependency visualization, configuration tracking, performance monitoring and fault management for public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures based on VMware vCloud™ Director. Zenoss is among the first to offer an independent monitoring and service assurance solution built specifically for VMware vCloud Director.

For enterprises and service providers deploying VMware vCloud Director, Zenoss can provide unified visibility and real-time awareness of their entire cloud infrastructure including physical, virtual and application resources and their interdependencies. With these capabilities, Zenoss addresses key operational challenges facing organizations that are deploying private and public cloud infrastructures.

To deliver service assurance requirements for both private and public clouds built with VMware vCloud Director, Zenoss has expanded the internal data structures of its Zenoss Enterprise offering to reflect VMware vCloud Director constructs and has integrated directly to the VMware vCloud API to gather real-time state and configuration information.

Zenoss Enterprise gives cloud providers a unified service assurance console that brings together the operational insights from across the physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure needed to effectively operate a private or public cloud at scale. Through its reporting, alerting and action scripting, Zenoss Enterprise provides an end-to-end platform for operations management. The result is improved service delivery, faster time to resolution on operational issues, delegated administration, and access to the operational insight needed for capacity planning and management.


  • Auto-Discovery of Service to Infrastructure Mapping – Zenoss Enterprise automatically discovers the VMware vCloud Director user environments (including vApps, virtual data centers, organizations, etc.) and underlying components including the VMware vSphere™ virtualization platform, physical servers, storage and network components. Relationships and dependencies among the various components are automatically determined and stored in the Zenoss model.
  • Visualization of Service to Infrastructure Mapping – Zenoss Enterprise provides dynamic visualization of the entire VMware vCloud Director user environment. The product supports navigation tops down from the end user’s perspective or bottom’s up from the physical infrastructure. Given the complexity of shared, cloud infrastructures, visualization is becoming a critical element of service delivery and operations.
  • Real-Time Dependency Tracking – Zenoss Enterprise automatically detects change in the VMware vCloud Director environment and updates the service to infrastructure mapping accordingly. For example if a workload is moved within the virtual infrastructure, the mappings to various resources that depend on this workload and support this workload are automatically updated.
  • Unified Configuration, Performance, Availability & Fault Monitoring – Using “agentless” collection techniques which simplify deployment, Zenoss Enterprise monitors configuration, performance, availability and event/fault streams from physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure. Zenoss Enterprise also provides threshold management, event correlation and historical trending.
  • Alerting, Reporting and Action Scripting – Zenoss Enterprises closes the loop on operations management with alerting, reporting and automated remediation scripting.
  • Self-Service Enablement - Zenoss Enterprise enables self-service through secure access to its multi-tenant web-based end user application or through open data integration with the provider’s existing portal.

Zenoss Enterprise support for VMware vCloud Director is currently in private beta.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Jian Zhen, Director, Cloud Computing Solutions, VMware: “VMware vCloud™ Director has been designed to enable integration with third-party products such as Zenoss Enterprise via the VMware vCloud™ API. We are pleased to see Zenoss join the VMware vCloud partner ecosystem and providing their solution that helps unify the view of IT across users’ physical, virtual, and cloud environments - simplifying the management of applications and cloud services based on VMware vCloud Director.”
  • Matt Ferrari, Director of Platform Engineering at Hosting.com: "As a provider of cloud-based data center solutions and a strategic partner of VMware, we are excited to see Zenoss be among the first to bring monitoring capabilities to VMware vCloud™ Director. The visibility, management and IT service assurance delivered through Zenoss allow Hosting.com to provide cloud clients searching for reliable, responsive, and secure cloud-based infrastructure solutions with the ability to more quickly see the performance, cost, and scale benefits of migrating their infrastructure to the cloud."
  • Bill Karpovich, CEO and Co-founder of Zenoss: “Moving to the cloud delivery model changes the game in IT operations. VMware vCloud™ Director plus Zenoss Enterprise gives private and public cloud providers the technology they need to deliver reliable, scalable and cost-effective services.”

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Zenoss is the leading provider of Dynamic Service Assurance to the next-generation data center. Zenoss Enterprise is a purpose-built Dynamic Service Assurance product that assures IT service delivery to applications, business services and real-time physical, virtual and cloud-based infrastructures. With a community of over 85,000 users, Zenoss products monitor over one million network and server devices daily and have been used in over 25,000 organizations in 180 countries around the world. Commercial customers include leading companies such as Rackspace, VMware, LinkedIn, Carlson, Motorola and Deutsche Bank. To learn more about Zenoss' award-winning IT operations management software, visit https://www.zenoss.com.

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