Cloud Monitoring

Dynamic resource prioritization means that cloud servers come and go and change constantly. Provisioning multiple monitoring products for cloud environments is not a scalable approach. However, adding yet another specialized one-off cloud monitoring tool brings its own complications. IT Operations teams responsible for deploying and managing private, public, or hybrid clouds need to be able to assimilate cloud technologies into their standard IT monitoring processes. You need a unified, comprehensive view of all of your physical, virtual, and cloud resources in order to support service delivery.

Why Use Zenoss for Cloud Monitoring?

"The visibility, management and IT service assurance delivered through Zenoss allow to provide Cloud clients searching for reliable, responsive, and secure Cloud-based infrastructure solutions with the ability to more quickly see the performance, cost, and scale benefits of migrating their infrastructure to the Cloud."Matt Ferrari, Director of Platform Engineering

Zenoss Service Dynamics provides cloud monitoring capabilities for common cloud platforms that help IT Operations teams quickly and effectively monitor their cloud resources.

For services running in the public cloud, Zenoss ZenPacks for Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure monitor metrics for cloud entities like regions, instances, and subnets on your cloud provider’s network. These ZenPacks show how failures in individual cloud components can impact overall service delivery.

For enterprises and service providers who are deploying private or hybrid clouds, Zenoss offers ZenPacks for OpenStack, Apache CloudStack, and VMware vCloud Director. These ZenPacks provide a tenant view for your public cloud clients, and allow your clients to monitor the performance and availability of their services as part of their own unified environment.

Zenoss Cloud Monitoring Capabilities

  • Comprehensive cloud computing monitoring of networks, devices, and relationships.
  • Immediate, agentless modeling of each server as it is instantiated — no wait for agent deployment or configuration before monitoring can begin.
  • Comprehensive modeling of every device, including hardware, software, virtualization, and network relationships, to ensure the right monitoring policies are always applied.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of cloud infrastructures using functions built into operating systems and applications by cloud vendors.
  • End-to-end cloud operations management reporting, alerting, and action scripting.
  • Support for self-service visibility through a secure, multi-tenant portal and/or open data integration capabilities.
  • Operational analytics and insight for capacity planning and management.

    Cloud Monitoring ZenPacks

    • Amazon Web Services
      Discovery of EC2, VPC, and S3 entities. Monitoring of CloudWatch metrics, Regions, S3 Buckets, and Subnet components. Also supports optional auto-discovery and monitoring of instance guest operating systems.

      Amazon Web Services ZenPack
    • Apache Cloudstack
      Discovery and monitoring of Apache CloudStack, and by extension, the Citrix CloudPlatform. Collects metrics such as public and private IPs, memory, CPU and storage allocated and used, network read/writes, and more.

      Apache CloudStack ZenPack
    • Microsoft Azure
      Automatic discovery of Azure subscription entities such as hosted services, instances, disks, and more. Performance monitoring of storage services, sites, and subscription metrics. Supports triggers for info or warning events that contain appropriate summary messages.

      Microsoft Azure ZenPack
    • OpenStack Cloud Monitor
      Using a tenant-oriented perspective, automatically discovers and models OpenStack cloud components, including instances, images, and flavors, so you can easily understand component relationships. Collects tenant-oriented metrics such as total servers, servers by state, total images, total images by state, and total flavors.

      OpenStack Cloud Monitor ZenPack
    • OpenStack Infrastructure
      Using a provider-oriented perspective, automatically discovers and models OpenStack cloud components, including physical hosts, the software components or hypervisors running on the hosts, and relationships between physical hosts and OpenStack components. Collects provider-oriented metrics such as CPU utilization and network utilization for OpenStack instances.

      OpenStack Infrastructure
    • OpenStack Object Storage (Swift)
      Supports monitoring of Swift (the project name for the Object Store in OpenStack). Discovers and monitors all Swift processes. Displays graphs of Swift metrics such as trends of asynchronous pending tasks, trends of total and unmounted disks, and more.

      OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) ZenPack
    • VMware vCloud
      Monitors virtual infrastructure services managed by VMware vCloud Suite platforms. If you provide the vCloud service, you can use the vCloud administrator perspective to gain a complete view of the entire cloud architecture. If you are a vCloud consumer, you can use the user perspective to obtain organization-specific information.

      VMware vCloud ZenPack