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Futurum Research Report Shows Visibility is a Top Concern in Digital Transformation Initiatives

Keys to Success Including Automating IT Ops & Adopting Advanced Infrastructure Soltions

AUSTIN, Texas – February 13, 2019 – Zenoss Inc., a leader in software-defined IT operations, today announced the publication of a new digital transformation study developed by Futurum Research, commissioned by Zenoss. The report, "Digital Transformation - 9 Key Insights," covers critical data points that measure the current state of digital transformation and improvements in business agility among enterprise organizations. The research is the result of a survey of 500 executives and IT professionals.

"Digital transformation is an ongoing process of leveraging digital technologies to build flexibility, agility and adaptability into business processes," said Daniel Newman, founder and principal analyst at Futurum. "This report offers key insights that will help organizations learn the keys to ensuring success in their critical digital transformation initiatives."

Digital transformation has become a necessary process for most large enterprises. Many who haven't embraced digital transformation have paid the consequences — they are ill-equipped to compete with more agile organizations, and they have become less relevant.

Report Highlights:

  • 48 percent of organizations have their digital transformation strategies being led by the CEO
  • 71 percent described digital transformation as being at the center of all business decisions
  • 65 percent are adopting agile development tools to accelerate speed to market and improve business agility
  • 37 percent cite blind spots in IT infrastructure as their top concern when contemplating digital transformation initiatives
  • 33 percent cite their ability to scale monitoring as the top concern

"Business agility is one of the greatest traits common to modern, successful businesses," said Brian Wilson, chief customer officer at Zenoss. "This research reinforces the need for robust, scalable solutions that make digital transformation possible. Solutions like Zenoss Cloud enable organizations to adapt to anything and continuously uncover new business opportunities in a rapidly changing world."

Zenoss Cloud is the first SaaS-based intelligent IT operations management platform that streams and normalizes all machine data, uniquely enabling the emergence of context for preventing service disruptions in complex, modern IT environments. Zenoss Cloud leverages the most powerful machine learning and real-time analytics of streaming data to give companies the ability to scale and adapt to the changing needs of their businesses.

About Futurum Research
Futurum is a technology, digital innovation and market disruption-focused strategy and research and analyst firm. Every day, our analysts, researchers and advisors help business leaders from around the world anticipate tectonic shifts in their industries and leverage disruptive innovation to either gain or maintain a competitive advantage in their markets.

About Zenoss
Zenoss works with the world's largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. As the leader in software-defined IT operations, Zenoss uniquely collects all types of machine data to build real-time IT service models that train machine learning algorithms to predict and eliminate outages in hybrid IT environments, dramatically reducing downtime and IT spend. https://www.zenoss.com

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