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Zenoss LogoIf you have been working in IT long enough, you are bound to have had the dreaded day where you are told via ticket or in person that the network is down. I know I have run into this scenario a few times in my career, and each time the goal is always to understand the scope of the problem, identify the root cause, and restore communication as soon as possible.

We use Zenoss Service Dynamics (ZSD) to monitor our internal infrastructure, as we should be! The real-time, single-pane-of-glass dashboard that shows our bandwidth consumption between sites and to the Internet, as well as any critical or major events being experienced by important infrastructure components is invaluable.

Early last week, the Austin office had the Monday blues with heavy rain storms and could not communicate out to the Internet. Pressure was on before the first cup of coffee. A quick look at our dashboard showed a massive increase in traffic being transmitted, which was flooding the corporate network. Using a redundant Internet connection and our Zenoss-as-a-Service (Zaas) hosted ZSD instance, it quickly became apparent that the issue was emanating from a system in our performance testing environments, and the traffic patterns we were seeing confirmed it.

With this information at our fingertips, we were able to quickly isolate the problem system and restore normal communication. Gone are the days of guesswork, fumbling in the dark, or debating possible causes while business operations screech to a halt. Now, we are able to spend our time and energy adjusting our architecture to prevent situations like this from occurring instead of spending all of our time looking in the rearview mirror.

Having all of our resources managed by Zenoss, capturing events, notifying the team when an issue arises, and displaying real-time dashboards in our office allows us full infrastructure visibility and allows us to be a proactive, transformative IT team.

Using Zenoss Service Impact and Analytics, we are able to see a real-time service model of our critical infrastructure components, which helps us identify the root cause quickly when an issue presents itself. Lastly, it’s imperative that your monitoring system isn’t incapacitated when you experience an issue in your infrastructure, and that’s why our ZSD instance is run out of our ZaaS offering.

Now that I’ve worked in an environment with Zenoss providing daily visibility and trends, that frees up the team to work on improving our infrastructure for tomorrow. I know if you want to Own IT, then use Zenoss.


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