Zenoss Expands Customer Choice in Enterprise Cloud With Google Partnership

At Zenoss, we are privileged to work with the world's largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. In doing so, we partner with many fantastic enterprise cloud companies with the objective of integrating seamlessly with their solutions. One of the companies I have been extremely pleased to spend time with lately is Google, developing a rich technology partnership around Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Last November, Mike Lunt, our vice president of engineering, wrote a blog containing four key IT predictions for 2018 — it’s well worth a read if you haven’t already seen it. In that article, he wrote that GCP was becoming a “next-generation cloud platform focused on the world of serverless computing with containerization, data stream processing and machine learning as first-order items.” Many of our clients are already experiencing the value that GCP provides and have been asking for more full-featured support from Zenoss in order to better equip their digital transformation efforts. To that end, I am happy to announce our strategic global alliance with Google today, with intention of expanding Zenoss capabilities for IT operations management (ITOM) to enterprise hybrid cloud environments that leverage GCP.

One area that Google really shines in relative to the other major enterprise cloud providers is security. At Google, and GCP in particular, there is intense and deliberate focus on providing the solutions, clarity and transparency enterprise IT customers demand. GCP announced last week a rich set of new security capabilities, including FedRamp certification, that underscore the focus and depth of the offering. In talking directly with senior GCP executives and hearing Diane Greene, Google Cloud CEO, speak as recently as March 20 in New York, I see an organization productizing technology that far exceeds what many IT organizations think is possible and at a scale that is intimidating.

With this partnership, Zenoss and Google will add value to clients by integrating the monitoring of hybrid environments leveraging GCP with any IT infrastructure an organization may support — adding to robust multicloud capabilities Zenoss already supports with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The vast majority of IT landscapes our clients manage today leverage hybrid cloud infrastructure in some fashion, and investments in hybrid cloud projects continue to increase. Zenoss uses highly extensible infrastructure modeling to provide 360-degree visibility into a customer’s entire hybrid IT environment. This includes real-time changes and all relevant service dependencies that enable critical impact analysis. We are very excited to bring these capabilities to IT organizations leveraging GCP.

The days of reactive response in the data center are well behind us. Any successful IT team supporting an environment in the cloud, on premises or both can proactively prioritize monitoring, logging and performance management as a primary item on their DevOps checklist. With this partnership, even more enterprise cloud customers can accelerate digital transformation by consolidating and automating the processes to build a solid foundation, ensuring the availability of the most critical IT services running any organization.

As chief customer officer at Zenoss, I love these two fantastic enterprise solutions and the benefits our joint offering will bring to enterprises around the world. I also love the close relationships we have with our customers and partners, where we win together and do so with integrity. Working with the GCP team is fantastic as they, too, embrace the same ideals and ethics of partnering to ensure everything is done to enable our customers to be as successful as possible. It is a win-win-win.

I invite each and every one of you to be our guest at the upcoming GalaxZ18 conference to learn more about this exciting partnership and much more. GalaxZ18 is an annual event centered helping partners, customers and prospects get the most from their relationship with Zenoss and our technology to achieve their digital transformation goals. GalaxZ18 takes place June 20-22 in Austin, Texas.

Visit https://galaxz.zenoss.com to learn more, register and engage with Zenoss and Google this summer.



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