Zenoss Deep Dive: How To Manage Your Event Console

We are bringing back the Zenoss Deep Dives.  Zenoss Deep Dives are freely available to anyone, whether you are interested in Zenoss Service Dynamics (commercial) or Zenoss Core (community), and will be provided via webinars, Google+, Twitter, and more.  Our goal is to educate our current and future customers on various aspects of the Zenoss solution while continuing to promote a culture of sharing.

For our first technology session, we’ve selected a topic that has always garnered interest, namely how to manage your event console.  It doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 20,000 devices; the event console is the heart and soul of your Zenoss solution and requires some tender love and care.  To facilitate this TLC, Zenoss provides a wealth of methods and strategies to manage your event console.  From event classes and transforms, you are in full control of your event console.

Additionally, we will be discussing advanced technology available within our Zenoss Service Dynamics Impact solution.  This will include comparing rules based correlations and transforms vs. contextual polices and impact gates.  This new technology dramatically simplifies traditional event consoles by providing a service centric view of your IT infrastructure.

Whether you are new to Zenoss or a seasoned expert, you’ll find this to be a fascinating discussion led by one of Zenoss’ Principal Engineers.  As always, we’ll leave plenty of time for questions and answers and we will look to continue the dialog after the webinar; look for details on this to be provided on the webinar!

Again, this Zenoss Deep Dive will be a technical discussion focused on:

  • Techniques to maintain a clean event console
  • Event Transforms (Rules Based)
  • Impact Policies (Contextual Based)

Finally, we want to hear from you on what technical and/or non-technical topics you would like to discuss next.  In the past, we’ve had requests for additional information on templates and specific ZenPacks.  What’s on your mind?  What issues are you and your companies facing?  Do you want to share any success stories?

Please feel free to email us with your thoughts, questions, and/or concerns at deepdive@zenoss.com.

Until then, we look to see you Thursday at this week’s first Zenoss Deep Dive Technical Event: Managing Your Event Console.



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