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Zenoss ZenPack for AzureWhat does the Zenoss ZenPack for Microsoft Azure Do?

The Azure ZenPack is major step forward in hybrid cloud monitoring, giving IT Operations insights into the health of all critical services running on the Azure platform. This includes service-asset relationships to expedite root cause analysis and shorten mean time to resolution.

Why is it impactful to my business and Cloud infrastructure?

Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Azure continues to gain momentum within the cloud computing movement. Azure is the second largest cloud platform and infrastructure service. In 2015, Microsoft's Azure generated $1.81 billion in sales, according to IBD, up 112% from the prior year.
As cloud infrastructures grow, managing the proper level of provisioning and estimating your monthly spend becomes complex.  The latest Zenoss Azure ZenPack release provides detailed insights into current spending by regions and services, and also provides forecasting of future spend based on current usage and trends.

What are the key capabilities of the Azure ZenPack?

• Consolidated view of all relevant KPIs for your compute and storage infrastructure.
• Automated discovery, monitoring and event management of Azure subscription. entities such as hosted services, virtual machine instances, storage services, virtual networks, and websites.
• Modeling and monitoring of basic services, events, and metrics of Azure.
• Forecasting spend for your Azure cloud.
• Certified for Zenoss Service Dynamics versions 4 and 5.

What is a ZenPack Anyway?

ZenPacks are open source tools that allow Zenoss users to extend the management of their hybrid infrastructure. ZenPacks are to Zenoss as Plug-ins are to WordPress.

ZenPacks give developers the freedom to develop monitoring solutions that extend their Zenoss managed services platform. Developers and Zenoss create and publish enterprise ready ZenPacks in a very flexible open source environment to support dynamic IT infrastructures. Zenoss and ZenPacks are based on open source that enables developers to solve any monitoring challenges on a granular level.

How do I get the Azure ZenPack

The latest ZenPack for Microsoft Azure is available for Zenoss Service Dynamics customers with an active subscription.


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