Zenoss 5: The Only Dynamic Unified Monitoring System Built on a Big Data Foundation

By leveraging two new storage technologies, Zenoss extends further support of the requirements for software-defined operations by centralizing data collection in a way that gives your IT teams the ability to leverage scalable big data store and real-time visibility into the overall health of your organization, all while making data collection and analysis cheaper and more reliable.

Why this and why now? The Internet of Everything is fundamentally changing the data landscape. And in order to stay competitive in a world where there are now more devices than people, your organization must be able to take advantage of new ways to apply the latest Big Data collection and storage technologies and techniques to turn a staggering amount of data into actionable insights. A Big Data store is critical for understanding the KPIs that give you a competitive edge and making decisions that further align IT with your strategic business initiatives.

Challenges/Pain Points

The speed at which you can glean accurate and reliable insights from your data is directly dependent on how well your Big Data tools perform and deliver information. Other monitoring systems waste valuable time manually implementing infrastructure to try and plan for data spikes, blind spots, and threshold events. They also don’t have the automated and dynamic control that enables you to turn off or tone down collection when you need to. Rather than being able to pinpoint the critical segments, times and regions when and where you need to be collecting, these systems place an unnecessary burden on your operational overhead.

With the release of Zenoss 5, Zenoss introduced the new Control Center, which automatically runs to cover load increases and drops down when high volume collection isn’t needed, releasing valuable resources. And because it painlessly integrates mountains of data into your existing systems and data management solutions, you get the agility required to move at the speed of Everything.


The Power of Hbase and OpenTSDB

At Zenoss, Big Data is in our blood. Apache Hbase/Hadoop and OpenTSDB are the two new Big Data technologies that power the backbone of Control Center. Together they let you leverage data storage and analysis to gain real-time visibility into performance data.

With Apache HBase as the backend data store, you are able to take advantage of Big Data performance, availability and scale. Hbase runs on a multi-node cluster allowing it to scale, which means that it is possible to store a virtually unlimited amount of performance and availability data at the resolution it was collected for clear, granular insight into historical trends and long term storage.

On the front end, OpenTSDB reads and writes at scale to the HBase backend. Traditional relational databases are very limited in terms of the volume of data that can be concurrently pumped in, not to mention that different endpoints in different regions require manual monitoring. OpenTSDB, on the other hand, is non-relational and can easily handle the high transaction volume of complex time series data required in real-time monitoring environments, which is critical to understanding the actual state of your service infrastructure. Additionally, OpenTSDB also provides a performance-processing pipeline that allows you to scale the solution effectively.

A Big Data Backend for Dynamic Control

The combination of both HBase and OpenTSDB gives you have the ability to pump massive amounts of data into your store and scale horizontally. You don’t need super-powered machines, you just keep adding on horizontal rows when you need to expand. And as you are collecting, you are able to dramatically reduce blind spots, plan for threshold crossings and speed up or slow down polling rates. This dynamic control lets you effectively predict events and plan for spikes when you need to collect the most data possible. The solution is simple, dynamic, and can be automated so you can reduce the overall cost of operations associated with round the clock collection and analysis.

For IT, Zenoss’ Big Data solutions means teams can dynamically adapt to business needs and set up policies accordingly. If something is detected, a threshold or otherwise unplanned event, they can collect more data at a certain point of an event, so there is no latency, and then properly plan for similar spikes in the future.

A Big Data store eliminates the risks and costs associated with poor performance, availability, and scalability. For more on how Zenoss Service Dynamics and leveraging Big Data to provide a real-time, holistic view of your systems so you can predict bottlenecks, reduce blind-spots, dynamically poll, and pull in a virtually unlimited amount of data when it matters most.

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