TransUnion Leverages Zenoss Analytics to Deliver on Big Data Strategy: IPO Demands Intelligent Data Center

transunion logoGlobal information solutions leader TransUnion (NYSE:TRU) has standardized on Zenoss, displacing a suite of existing tools for unified, global IT infrastructure monitoring.

TransUnion chose Zenoss because it is agentless and well-known for its flexibility and scalability. Zenoss also integrates easily with Cisco UCS, VMware, and other enterprise technology stacks to provide TransUnion with visibility and insight into its services and infrastructure.

“With more than 90,000 incoming data sources and billions of dynamic records to regularly manage, simply having monitoring in place isn’t enough to oversee business critical services and infrastructure,” said Art Rogers, director of enterprise services at TransUnion. “The integration with Zenoss has provided us with a unified, real-time view of our services, and has helped us evolve our technology and analytics. With their solution in place, we are better able to scale quickly and effectively to empower business and customers around the globe with the right information.”

Earlier this year, Zenoss awarded TransUnion with its Innovation Award, which recognizes technological achievements of organizations worldwide that demonstrate creative thinking, problem solving, and innovation using Zenoss. The award was presented at GalaxZ, the company’s user conference.

“There’s simply not a one-size-fits all approach to monitoring when it comes to an intelligent global data center like TransUnion’s.  We view the relationship as an ongoing, consultative partnership, focused on extending the competitive advantage they have established through their world-class IT operations,” states Brian Wilson, Senior Vice President of Customer Success at Zenoss. “We’re honored that TransUnion regards us a trusted partner.”

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