Zenny's Weekly Cloud Links #20 - Cloud Building, Dell, OpenStack, IT Security, VMware

Zenoss Zebra Toys, ZennyEvery Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on Cloud Computing, service orientated infrastructure, DevOps, and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. Here are some great articles from the week of July 25th that are worth taking a look at. Enjoy!


Transforming IT: Three New Rules to Turn the Tide by Sunny Gupta

"For the first time, business users who consume IT services have a choice: if IT cannot provide them with the services they require in a timely and cost-effective manner, they'll simply go elsewhere...To put it another way, the cloud is putting increased pressure on CIOs to deliver IT services at established 'market rates.'"

Why the Shortage of Cloud Architects will Lead to Bad Clouds by David Linthicum

“There seems to be more cloud construction projects than there is talent to support them. That could spell real trouble. Designing and building cloud computing-based systems is nothing like building traditional applications and business systems. Unfortunately, many in IT find that out only when it's too late."

Building and Maintaining Image Templates for the Cloud by James Weir

“As IaaS platforms like OpenStack gain traction in delivering compute and storage resources on demand, we're seeing telco and enterprise IT customers increasingly focus on "software on demand.”… Cloud users are now realizing the need to work with transparent image templates which enable them to trace individual software components, versions and licenses.”

Dell Wants to Make OpenStack as Easy as 1-2-3 by Derrick Harris

“On Tuesday Dell announced a reference architecture, open-source software and services offering designed to make deploying an OpenStack-based cloud as easy as following directions.”

The 5 Biggest IT Security Mistakes by Ellen Messmer

“Like cleaning the windows, IT security can be a thankless task because they only notice when you don't do it. But to get the job done in the era of virtualization, smartphones and cloud computing, you've got to avoid technical and political mistakes. In particular, here are five security mistakes to avoid.”

The Small Revolution of the Data Center by Melanie Rodier

“In the never-ending search for more effective and more efficient ways to process their workloads, financial services firms are rethinking how -- and why -- they build data centers, turning traditional data center models on their heads.”

Cloud Computing - Design Considerations by Tinniam V. Ganesh

"Coud computing is definitely turning out to be the proverbial carrot for enterprises to host their applications. The cloud promises many benefits to users. It obviates the need for upfront capital expenses for computing infrastructure, real estate and maintenance personnel."

Mainframes in the Age of Cloud Computing by Sourya Biswas

“Mainframes may be 1960s technology, but they still manage a huge portion of the world’s data. This is mainly because of two reasons – i) continuous improvement of the technology and ii) the huge costs involved in changing them en masse. However, in today’s world of cloud computing when companies are looking at decreasing their IT footprints, bulky mainframes may seem archaic.”

Securing Data in the Cloud? Call in the Magnificent Seven by Russ Dietz

“The million-dollar question in organizations today is no longer “Should we move to the cloud?” but “How much of our infrastructure and data will we move to the cloud?” However, the difficulties organizations have protecting data…is causing sleepless nights for IT professionals and business leaders alike…”

Addressing Export Control in the Age of Cloud Computing by John Villasenor

“The move to the cloud is one of the defining information technology trends of the early 21st century. By providing…access to shared and often physically dispersed computing resources, cloud computing can simultaneously offer increased flexibility, reduced cost, and access to a wider array of services.”


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